How to farm Grilla fast in Harvestella - Early money-making tips

You'll need currency to buy seeds, house upgrades, and better equipment in Harvestella, so we've rounded up a few words on how to farm Grilla in Harvestella alongside a few general tips to make money fast in your first few days on the farm. Every RPG has a currency system, and Harvestella is a merchant's dream game. Grilla is the monetary item of choice, and you'll need it as you live your life in Lethe Village.

Really, the only way to gain money is to ship items through the shipping bin on your farms. We'll run through the best items to ship down below. You can't offload items at the General Store (it's for purchases only) but you can ultimately make more profits by steering clear of it early, anyway. Free seeds are worth a lot more.

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How to farm Grilla fast in Harvestella and get money fast

As a game with a robust farming system, there is plenty of scope for making money in Harvestella by shipping all kinds of items. Here, we'll go through which items to ship, and how to get them, along with any other money-making options.

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Sell your crops, materials, and monster spoils (and don't buy seeds early on)

Obviously, your number one priority is planting, growing and harvesting crops - it's literally in the name.

Cres will introduce you to farming as soon as you arrive in the village, and it's all up from there. You can get seeds at the General Store, but every so often you'll get them in the mail.

They're also abundant in chests around the map for free, and you should be able to find all the seeds you can plant on your small farm for free by collecting them from NPCs, chests, and the mailbox, saving you a fortune early on when you're not spending most of your crop earnings on more crop seeds.

To begin, you'll be finding Wheat, Carrop and Dress Lettuce seeds which don't sell for too much, but if you get the seeds for free, it's all money in the bank. As the game progresses, you'll be able to get plants that offer multiple harvests to really cash in.

Explore the map

Speaking of chests, they don't just give you free seeds to farm for Grilla. While you won't find any money in the chests, the other items will benefit you just as much. Chests will provide Return Bells, allowing you to stay outside collecting for longer, without needing to factor in your return commute.

Foragables are a good source of income in Harvestella too. You can eat the Cool Berries for a small health boost, but selling them (and other items like Mushrooms and Wild Leaves) early on when you don't need them will get 20 Grilla per item. These gathering spots refresh daily, so don't forget to grab nature's goodies and sell the freebies on for pure profit.

As you explore, enemies will drop some items that are worth selling, too - like the Zouy's fur. This will net you 100 Grilla.

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Cook up some recipes

Now, onto some things that require some money before they start turning a profit.

You can repair the kitchen counter in your home by visiting the Renovator's shop, which will allow you to cook meals. These sell for more money than the raw ingredients, and will also be more beneficial as healing items so long as you're willing to put up with filling your item slots up with meal prep items.

Go fishing

The ability to fish is another path that requires a bit of Grilla to be spent before you can make it back, but it is a worthwhile endeavour.

Once you've unlocked the ability to use the fishing spots around the map, you'll be able to quickly reel in aquatic creatures you can sell straight away, munch on for a quick energy boost, or cook into a costly meal.

Fulfil the side quests

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As you progress through the game, you'll unlock the side quest function. These appear on the map, and will reward money among other items for completing them. Some offer up to 1,000 Grilla as thanks for completion!

By using the tips above, you'll be able to fast-track your way to more Harvestella money-making schemes really early on in the game. Here's a quick breakdown of what to do as soon as you gain access to the farm

  • Plant and water the seeds you're given
  • Gather from the nodes around the farm
  • Open the chests around the farm and town for more seeds and items
  • Sell any materials you have
  • Sleep
  • Harvest your crops and plant your free seeds in their place
  • Gather the nodes again
  • Visit the dungeon to get more gathering nodes, monster materials, and chest items
  • Sell them with your next harvest
  • Repeat

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