Nikke tier list - Best characters (December 2022)

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Snow White in Goddess of War Nikke.
December 1, 2022: We've checked our tier list.

Following along with our Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list is a great way to ensure you're building the best teams early on. This all-new gacha RPG for 2022 is going up against other gun girl games like Girl Gun Cafe and Blue Archive, so launch is a great time to get involved if you couldn't quite keep up with the others.


Our Nikke tier list will quickly run through the best units available in the game for launch. Rather than simply grading them based on in-game rarity values, we'll take a closer look at their individual talents to discern which ones are truly worth trying for. Gacha games are notorious for power creep and low upgrade item yields, making the proper character investment strategy a trick most rarely consider.

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For more on this one, check out our Goddess of Victory Nikke codes page. Any available coupons you manage to snag will make getting and upgrading the best Nikke characters that much easier, and our Nikke reroll guide will help you get exactly what you want. If you're willing to put in the time, that is.

Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list - Who's the best character in Nikke?

Tier Character
SNoah, Volume, Novel, Pepper, Privaty, Harran, Dolla
ARapi, Poli, Julia, Admi, Sugar, Guillotine, Brid, Neon, Exia, Signal, Yuni, Snow White, Drake, Emma, Frima
BAnis, Centi, Rapunzel, Noise, Alice, Miranda, Crow, Rupee, Maiden, Delta, Belorta, Milk, Yani, N102, Maxwell
CIsabel, Mica, Mary, Folkwang, Epinel, Ether, Aria, Diesel, Yulha, Mihara, Soline, iDoll Sun, iDoll Ocean, iDoll Flower, Soldier FA, Soldier EG
DVesti, Eunhwa, Product 23, Product 12, Soldier OW, Product 08

Our Nikke tier list above ranks characters not only on your chance to obtain them - which generally denotes their skill in battle - but their actual usefulness in battle.


That's because a character's rarity in a gacha game is rarely the only thing to consider. Some of the rarest characters in a game like Nikke can often be some of the worst when you compare their rarity to their actual skill and stats: that's what we call bait.

And, in turn, some of the best characters can sometimes be some of the most common of the lot. A recent example of this would be Sha Susu from World Flipper: a common character that was almost always found on top-tier teams due to her unique support skills. Likewise, Bennett, a launch character who's still top of the charts in the Genshin Impact tier list, is still considered a must-have to this day.

And that's about it for our look at the best characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke. We'll have a more thorough breakdown once the game is live and available to play through fully. Until then, check out a couple of other new gacha games for this year with our Alice Fiction tier list and Memento Mori tier list, too.