Harvestella character customization options - All hairstyles, skin colours, and body types

Harvestella character customization options showing both body types from the front and the rear.

Harvestella character customization options showing both body types from the front and the rear.

Creating a character of your very own is at the heart of many life sim RPGs, so we've listed out the Harvestella character customization options for anyone who needs to see who they can be before they take the plunge.

One of the stand-out parts of Harvestella early on is its introduction of a non-binary protagonist. Sort of. Though that statement out of context would have many marginalized people more eager than ever to support the title, it's not quite the revolutionary inclusion it appears to be, with it either causing a lack of customization options or being tacked on as a result of them.

For more on Square Enix's new farming RPG, check out how to swap the confirm and cancel buttons in Harvestella. It's another quick tweak you can make before you start the game, saving yourself a real headache with your muscle memory.

Every body type in Harvestella

We're sad to say that Harvestella only includes two different body types to choose from, and though there are no labels to them, they're best described as simply "big" and "small".

You could also class them as traditionally masculine and feminine, but with the character's choosable gender not actually affecting the body types available (and rightly so) this doesn't really change anything.

You'll see them in the image at the top of this page, but the one comparing hairstyles below shows the same idea.

Skin types and colours in Harvestella.
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Every skin colour in Harvestella

You can choose from four different skin colour shades in Harvestella. It looks like eight on first look, but it's actually the same four split across the two different body types, with the selection just being lumped into one screen.

Hairstyles in Harvestella.
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Every hairstyle in Harvestella

There's only two different hairstyles in Harvestella, and which you use depends entirely on the body type you pick. The bigger body gets a long ponytail to the side, and the smaller body has it tied back into a whispy little flick.

Hair colours in Harvestella.
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Every hair colour in Harvestella

Where the options are more bountiful in Harvestella is your choice of hair colour. There are 12 different shades available regardless of your hairstyle. Like the rest of the options, though, you won't be able to change it once you start the game. There's no hair dye or salon around.

Can you be gay in Harvestella?

One thing life simulator fans are always wondering is whether or not their next game will let them court people of the same gender.

With Harvestella giving the players the option to play as a non-binary character (which ultimately only changes the pronouns used in-game), there was reason to believe it would just as accepting of other queer identities as well.

Sadly, that's not entirely true. The game doesn't outright say you can't be gay in Harvestella, but because there's no romance system in place at all, there's no way to embrace your sexuality in its quaint little world.

We'll have more on Harvestella soon. Until then, check out five games like Stardew Valley if you're looking for more life farming sims with heavy combat elements.

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