Harvestella - Release date, pre-orders, and platforms

Still from Harvestella

Still from Harvestella

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November 4: Harvestella releases today!

Escape to the peaceful countryside in Harvestella, a new farm-based life-simulation game coming from Square Enix this year. Down below, we'll go over the Harvestella release date, whether we think it'll come to other platforms, and what exactly you're expected to do in this dark take on the life simulator genre.

You get a house, and a farm to fill up and use as you wish in the heart of Nemea Town. Each season brings new adventures and crops to plant, but with it comes the Quietus, an ever-looming threat that only seems to get worse. The aim is to unravel the secrets and find a cure for this seasonal plague.

While we await this new rural game, we recommend checking out Final Fantasy XIV, or Genshin Impact, to prepare for a new RPG adventure. And as this one seems to take some serious cues from the Rune Factory franchise, check out how Rune Factory 5 hub to see what you might be missing out on there.

What is the Harvestella release date?

Harvestella is due to release on November 4, 2022. It was announced during the June 2022 Super Game Fest push, appearing in a Nintendo Direct Mini aimed at highlighting third-party games set to arrive on the platform in the near future.

What platforms will Harvestella be on?

Currently, Harvestella is only confirmed to be on two platforms: PC, and Nintendo Switch. It will release on Steam for PC, but it's a console exclusive on Nintendo Switch at launch. There's no word on how long the deal will last (or whether it even is one), but it's highly likely that it will appear on at least Xbox or PlayStation sometime in 2023.

Harvestella Pre-Orders

For now, the only pre-orders for Harvestella are for PC.

The Nintendo Store page is up, but you can't buy or pre-order the game yet, you can only add it to a Wishlist.

What is Harvestella?

A screenshot of Harvestella's farm area.
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Square Enix, of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest fame, know how to make a smashing RPG, so we have high hopes for Harvestella.

In it, you'll be self-sufficient with your own house, animals, and pastures. There are a few different areas to discover, each of which have their own dungeons, and lead to areas dedicated to the four seasons. You'll work with the game's various NPCs to create a budding farm in a distinctly unique village. Until Quietus arrives, that it. Rather than another NPC, this eerily named fifth season brings a wave of death each time the season changes.

Neither people nor plants are safe, and every passing season brings a worse threat than the last. Aside from your farming, you'll need to push on alongside Fighters, Shadow Walkers, and Mages to beat back this terrible enemy, which is where the game's combat mechanics and RPG elements truly come into play. If you're not getting stronger as you work on your farm, you stand to lose it all against the rampaging despair of Quietus.

As you might expect, the overall aim is to fix the underlying issue that's causing Quietus so that you can like your quaint life, living off the land withouth the fear of a mist of demise swooping in to end it all. Chilling.

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