How to craft the hammer in Harvestella

A summer view of Harvestella.

A summer view of Harvestella.

Sometimes, as an outlander, we need tools to help us on our way, and Harvestella is no different. With that in mind, here's how to craft the hammer in Harvestella. You'll need it to break all the pesky rocks on the farm to get more precious crop space. If you don't, you'll be limited to a small harvest for the rest of your days on your borrowed land.

After mysteriously arriving in the sleepy village of Lethe, you come to realise that all is not as it seems. Something is off in this idyllic place, and it is now your job as an outsider to combat it. You find yourself with a quaint house, and the ability to farm, along with a new group of friends in Lethe Village who will require your help.

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How to craft the hammer in Harvestella

Once you've got the materials, making the hammer in Harvestella is super easy. We'll get into the nitty-gritty of how to procure them soon. For now, we'll focus on the hows of slapping them all together to make the final product.

The crafting screen in Harvestella showing the hammer.
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To make the hammer in Harvestella, you'll need a total of ten Hard Stones. Head to the crafting table in your home at Birds Eye Brae to confirm it, and you can create the hammer right there. Crafting will unlock during the story on day three, and the hammer only shaves off around ten minutes of game time. You'll barely notice it.

How to upgrade the hammer in Harvestella

Now, you may have noticed that there are some hefty boulders lying around Birds Eye Brae and its local areas. This will require an upgrade to the hammer item that we lovingly crafted.

To get this recipe, you'll need to be a few chapters into the game. In Chapter 3, in the winter town quest, we meet the fairy Shirii. The hammer upgrade is locked until you finish all the requests in her Fairy Book, but they aren't hard to do, and there's only a handful. After completing her requests, she'll upgrade your hammer for you!

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Now equipped with your newly upgraded hammer, you can finally shift those giant rocks off your farm.

Where to find Hard Stone in Harvestella

During your introduction to live in Lethe Village and Birds Eye Brae, Cres, the village doctor, shows you how to do basic farming and gives you some seeds. At the same time, she mentions that you should probably make a hammer, but won't make one for you.

Cres tells you that the hammer needs to be made with Hard Stone, which you can find at the Njord Steppe to the east of Birds Eye Brae.

To get there, head out of your farm through the arch by your house so that you find yourself on the overworld map. On the right-hand side there is a road heading away from Birds Eye Brae and the nearby town of Lethe - follow this, and you'll be at the Njord Steppe.

Thankfully, while we don't have a hammer or any mining equipment, we can still get loads of materials from the world around us. Mining spots will show up as arrows on the overworld, and then all you need to do is interact with them to gather the materials. You'll find Hard Stone at some of these, but it isn't a guaranteed drop every time.

The second field in Harvestella can be accessed early for additional gathering nodes.
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The first chapter of Harvestella only grants you access to limited areas, so you'll have to rely on the mining spots in the Njord Steppe, or in the Small Field connected to your farm to the South. Just walk over your allotment and find the entrance near the blocked boulder wall to get there. A few days of collecting and you'll have enough to make the hammer!

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