How to upgrade the net in Fae Farm

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Three Fae Farm characters an an illustration of a quest.

Need a reminder on how to upgrade the Fae Farm net? You’re not the only one. Though you’ll go through all the necessary introductions early on in the game, knowing who to talk to when you need to upgrade your net can get lost in the rabble. After all, you won’t really need to until you’re quite far through the game.

Down below, we’ll detail the process of upgrading the net in Fae Farm first. After that, we’ll shed some light on what you’ll need to do to get a better net, what a better net can do for you, and why you’ll want to upgrade it at all.

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Fae Farm upgrade net steps - How to get a better bug net

To upgrade your net in Fae Farm, you just have to visit Mel, the Beekeeper. You can get to him quickly by teleporting to West Town and walking up the steps to the left.

If you can’t fast travel yet using the Fae Farm Pedestals, you can reach Mel by heading out of the left exit south of the market and heading up the stairs above you once you pass under the bridge.

Mel's shop in Fae Farm, where he offers numerous Critter Net upgrades.
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Once you’ve found Mel, open his shop and you’ll see various Fae Farm net upgrades. Here’s what you’ll need:

Fae Farm Sturdy Critter Net upgrade

  • 1k Florin
  • Critter Catching Level 3
  • Critter Net

Fae Farm Advanced Critter Net upgrade

  • 2.5k Florin
  • Critter Catching Level 5
  • Sturdy Critter Net

Fae Farm Master Critter Net upgrade

  • 5k Florin
  • Critter Catching Level 7
  • Advanced Critter Net

What does a Fae Farm net upgrade do?

Upgrading your net in Fae Farm will enable you to catch critters in new environments. For example, you’ll need the Sturdy Critter Net to catch the creatures in the Elven Village through the Mysterious Portal and around the Floating Ruins.

How to quickly raise Critter Catching Level in Fae Farm

You gain experience for every successful creature you collect with the Critter Net in Fae Farm.


To level up the skill quickly, just catch everything you see — frogs, snails, bees, wisps, and anything else. You don’t even need to empty your bags.

Critters collected will yield EXP even if your bag is full. You’ll just leave the critter where you caught it. You can always go back to pick it up later.

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