How to wave in Fae Farm

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Characters waving in Fae Farm.

Need to learn how to wave in Fae Farm? It’s one of the in-game actions you’re not taught. Despite every other NPC shaking their hands at you whenever you walk by, you won’t know how to do it back unless you mess around with the buttons a bit — or read below.

Keep reading, and we’ll show you exactly what to do to wave in Fae Farm. We’ll go through its myriad uses — yes, it’s more than just a cute little animation — and detail how to tweak the whole process to your liking. It’s simple, but there’s some work to do.

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How to wave in Fae Farm

Here’s how to wave in Fae Farm on Nintendo Switch or when using a controller on PC:

The steps taken to wave in Fae Farm.
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Nintendo Switch / PC (controller)

To wave in Fae Farm, all you need to do is tap Left on the D-pad to open up the emote wheel. You should see the Wave icon on the left. Use the left thumb stick to select it and press A to use it.

PC (mouse and keyboard)

These steps are unconfirmed and are merely educated guesses based on the Fae Farm wave steps for Nintendo Switch or controller.

If you’re playing with a mouse and keyboard, just open up the menu using the button shown in the bottom-left corner. Head to the Settings menu within, then the Gameplay tab, and look for a keyboard map or keybinds menu within.

Doing this should show a menu list or map of what key each action is assigned to. Just look for a dedicated Wave command or the emote wheel and use that button (or a reassigned button) to bring it up in-game. You should see the Fae Farm wave emote on the left side.

What does waving do in Fae Farm?

Beyond being a friendly motion for other players in co-op play, waving in Fae Farm can be used to controller animals in various ways.

Check out our guide on how to move Fae Farm animals for a little more on that.


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