How to get sand in Fae Farm - Locations, uses, and more

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An illustration of a Fae Farm character on a quest for sand.

Can’t quite figure out how to get sand in Fae Farm? You’re not alone. The game gives you the sand you need to clear a very early quest involving your first planters, but figuring out where to get more to help grow your allotment can be tricky if you’re not yet used to the foraging mechanics.

Down below, we’ll quickly go over how to get all the Fae Farm sand you could possible need, as well as explain why you’ll need this stuff more often than you might think right now. It’s a vital resource that’s easy to find once you know where to look. You’ll want to stockpile it.

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How to get Sand in Fae Farm

To get Fae Farm sand, you’ll want to head down to the coastal area at the south of the map. This entire stretch of beach is made up of sand, but you can’t just grab it from any part of the floor.

Collecting sand in Fae Farm.
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You need to dig up Sand in Fae Farm by using your shovel on the mounds protruding from the sandy beach terrain. Each interaction should yield not only sand, but sometimes silt as well.

One great place to gather these is in the area on the approach to the Saltwater Mines. You might also get sand by defeating Jumbles in the Saltwater Mine.

Does Sand respawn in Fae Farm?

Like any other node you can forage in Fae Farm, sand will respawn over time. The more items you clear from the beaches, the more chances you’ll have of sand piles spawning each new day as the beach replenishes its resources.

What is Sand used for in Fae Farm?


The most popular use of Fae Farm sand is to make the planters that comprise your farm’s allotment.

Each seed you plant requires its own planter, meaning you’ll need a lot of sand to make enough planters to grow a proper harvest. You’ll need it alongside equal amounts of silt and logs to make your dream farm.

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