Fae Farm gift guide - Favourite items, character requests, and where to find them

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Promotional artwork of Fae Farm characters going about their day.

Like so many cosy farming simulators to come before it, a Fae Farm gift guide is one of the most essential primers you can bookmark. For more, romancing an NPC partner is the hook and the whole reason to toil each day away on the fields. But if you don’t know where to find your favourite character’s favourite item, you’ll struggle to make headway.

Though you can get quite far in your relationship with a Fae Farm character simply by talking to them each day, their cookie-cutter responses don’t help you get to know them better. Giving them their favourite Fae Farm gift, however, and you’ll get the ball rolling, earning for more rapport with them in a much shorter period of time.

For more Fae Farm guides, you can’t go wrong with a couple classics. We’ve detailed the Fae Farm fast travel system, how to clear thorns for those doing things their own way, and how to increase inventory space. On top of learning how to sell more items each day, they’re all steps you can take to do more with each in-game day.

Fae Farm gift guide

Here’s a list of the Fae Farm gifts each NPC will ask for that we’ve come across so far, as well as how to find, craft, or otherwise obtain them:

Character Gift Location Friend Quest?
Drak1x Copper IngotCrafted with Copper OreYes
PepperPickled GreensCraftedNo
PyriaHoney TeaCrafted at a Beverage StationNo
ArgyleCommon Toad, Frog SweatForagedNo
NhamashalPolished PeridotMake at a Gem Polishing StationNo
GalanGrilled MushroomCraftedNo
Galan10x BlueberriesForagedYes
JackBeech LumberForagedNo
Jack1x BullfrogForagedYes
Increasing relationship level with Galan with Fae Farm gifts.
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How to find Fae Farm Romance quests

Once you read a certain friendship level with a Fae Farm character, you’ll see the floating words above your interaction between you and them change from Friends, to Good Friends, to Flirting.

At that point, you should see a heart icon by a dialogue choice when next speaking to them. This begins a romance quest that, when completed, will grow your relationship with that character further.

You’ll also spot the same icon on the map when looking at character portraits. Use this to find a character you can progress with.

Can you romance more than one character in Fae Farm?

Yes, but you can only marry one character in Fae Farm. You can be at the Flirting stage with multiple at the same time. To marry one, however, you’ll need to progress one more than the other.

Can you reset a Fae Farm romance?

If you want to cool off your relationship with one character to perhaps focus on another, you can actually reset your Fae Farm relationship on the Relationships screen from the in-game menu.

Just open the menu and hover over the character you want to reset things with. Tap the button listed in the bottom-right corner of the screen, acknowledge the warning, and you’ll start things fresh.

How to find Fae Farm NPCs


Though not every Fae Farm NPC will be in town each day once you’ve learned how to remove whirlpools and unlock shipping contracts, you’ll be able to track each NPC that day through the map.

Just open the map, look for the portrait icon of the character you want to track, and click into their location. Click their character name and you’ll get a trackable waypoint onscreen for you to follow.

For more Fae Farm guides, check out how to get the Pedestal seals to activate the mysterious wells dotted around the village. With those open, you’ll find getting around the island much, much easier.

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