How to remove whirlpools in Fae Farm

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In-game artwork of a Fae Farm whirlpool.

The sooner you learn how to remove whirlpools in Fae Farm the better. The treacherous phenomenon not only causes you to arrive on Azoria a dishevelled mess without your boat, but it continues to discourage others from visiting the island, slowly eroding it through sheer lack of custom.

Beyond unlocking a neat new feature at the harbour, removing whirlpools in Fae Farm will make it easier to spin through the waters surrounding the island. You can avoid them in most cases to get where you want to go, but getting rid of whirlpools entirely will remove the risk of time element that applies when getting caught and spat out of one.

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How to remove whirlpools in Fae Farm

To remove whirlpools in Fae Farm, you needn't rely on a magic spell you can cast from your staff. Unlike removing thorns, it isn't a manual action. You can't stop the swirling waters all by yourself.

Instead, you can remove whirlpools in Fae Farm simply by clearing the first dungeon. Once you clear the quest at the end of the Saltwater Mines, you'll wake up the next day to clear waters.

A whirlpool catching the player in Fae Farm.
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Removing whirlpools in Fae Farm will make it easier to reach certain locations around the coast of the island. If you struggled to avoid them, you might want to swim out and explore the rocky cliffs to find some new crafting recipes, rare fish, and other collectables.

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