How to increase inventory space in Fae Farm

Alaric from Fae Farm waving to the viewer.

Alaric from Fae Farm waving to the viewer.

Like a certain other game launching around the same time, knowing how to increase inventory space in Fae Farm is a necessary step. Without it, it can be hard to enjoy the game beyond the first couple of chapters, with bigger and better farms and deeper dungeons quickly maxing out your bags.

In Fae Farm, even the supplementary storage space is rarely enough to keep you out of trouble. Unlike games like Minecraft or Terraria, where static space at an abode is typically generous, Fae Farm gives about as much as a multiplayer title that's conscious of the real-world cost of storing a larger player inventory on its own server.

For more early Fae Farm guides, learn how to move animals to keep them away from your crops as you work. And if you feel you don't have enough time in each in-game day, learning how to fast travel can help. Lastly, here's how to sell more items at once to help reduce the stress on your bags.

How to increase inventory space in Fae Farm

Buying the Inventory Upgrade 1 item from Skye at the Supplies and Sundry store will, as the name suggests, increase your Fae Farm inventory space.

The bag upgrade found at Skye's Supplies and Sundry store in Fae Farm used to increase inventory size.
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Specifically, you'll gain an extra row on the inventory screen to play with, giving you enough space to store basically any new materials you'll come across in the game's first dungeon.

After buying the first inventory upgrade for 2,000 Florins, you'll see the option to purchase the second Fae Farm inventory upgrade for 8,000 Florins. You can check out our guide to making money fast in Fae Farm for tips on how to quickly grab that.

Can you increase farm storage space in Fae Farm?

There doesn't appear to be a way to increase the side of the House Storage shed in Fae Farm. Backpack inventory upgrades are your only option.

Unlocking the second barn will just give you another place to access your shared House Storage across farms, and upgrading your Fae Farm house through Carpentry won't increase the size of the storage options, either.

For a few more Fae Farm guides in case you're still in need of help, check out how to unlock shipping contracts. It's another way you might be able to clear your limited inventory and make some cash in the process. Likewise, learning where to get the Pedestal Seals can double as a way to speed up your money-making endeavours.

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