How to change your appearance in Fae Farm

Promotional artwork showing two Fae Farm characters interacting.

Promotional artwork showing two Fae Farm characters interacting.

Need to know how to change your appearance in Fae Farm? With just how inclusive the Fae Farm character designer is, it makes equal sense that you'd be able to tweak your character to fit your identity. After all, we discover new things about ourselves all the time, and our virtual avatars should be able to reflect that.

Changing your appearance in Fae Farm isn't as simple as bringing up a menu and toggling a few presets. Instead, it's baked into the experience of living your life on Azoria. Thankfully, you need to save Florins for a magical makeover, but you will need to put some initial effort into unlocking the process.

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How to change your appearance in Fae Farm

To change the look of your Fae Farm character, you need to craft a Customization Mirror and place it in your home. To do that, however, you first need to find the Customization Mirror recipe.

A player picking up a Fae Farm customization mirror crafting recipe.
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In case you missed it during your first trip to the farm, or simply didn't look at what it was due to almost every discoverable Fae Farm recipe being a rug, the Customization Mirror crafting recipe is actually by the campfire to the left of your first Fae Farm house. Just interact with the scroll on the floor to learn how to make it.

After that, open up the crafting menu by pressing Down on the Dpad, Tab over to the 'Decor' section with L or R and you'll see the Customization Mirror in the first slot. Here's what you'll need:

  • 1x Glass
    • Made using Sand and Coal at a Stone Forge
  • 5x Oak Lumber
    • Made by chopping Oak trees or branches (requires Copper Axe)

Gather the materials, craft the Customization Mirror, place it in your home, and interact with it to bring up the character customization menu from the start of the game.

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