How to sell more items each day in Fae Farm

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The market tables in Fae Farm.

You're going to want to know how to sell more items each day in Fae Farm. Trust us. In most farming RPGs on the market today, selling your home-grown items typically means dumping them in what's essentially a post box. In this one, however, things work a little differently. And it's causing some controversy.

Not only will gaining more sale space give you ample opportunity to make more money and more quickly empty out your storage and inventory, but it's actually required by at least one job quest you'll come across soon after unlocking the ability to pick them up.

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How to sell more items each day in Fae Farm

Because you can't sell stacks of items in the town market, you're limited to selling 32 items per day in Fae Farm by default — eight on each of the four tables.

A shop view showing the Produce Stand item in Fae Farm.
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To sell more items each day in Fae Farm, you need to buy a Produce Stand from Pearl at the Merchants' Guild Store. Just head to the bottom of the town market area and take a left.

The first Produce Stand costs 2,000 Florins, with the second, which will become available after purchasing the first, costing considerably more. After buying one, you'll need to wait until the following day to use it.

How many Produce Stands can I get in Fae Farm?

On top of the four produce stands already in the town market, you can buy two Produce Stands from Pearl. With each able to hold eight additional sale items, you can sell up to 48 items each day in Fae Farm. That's 16 more than you can by default.

How to sell items in Fae Farm

To sell items in Fae Farm, you just need to interact with the four tables surrounding the centre of the town market.

To reach it, head south from your farm and leap off the cliff. Take a right, then continue south to quickly reach the town centre. It's where you'll find the general store, sapling, seeds, and woodworking vendors.


There, you should see the aforementioned tables. Interact with each and fill up their eight slots with the items you wish to sell. Once you head to bed to end the day, anything there will sell, with the money being deposited straight into your account.

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