How to move animals in Fae Farm

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A cow in Fae Farm.

Can't shake the Chickoo demanding a pat on the head while you're out uprooting turnips? If you don't know how to move animals in Fae Farm, you're going to have a bad time. Whether they're small or huge, they'll love to come over to your hard-working self to demand attention.

Needy animals in Fae Farm can cause the game's otherwise helpful tool auto-switching mechanic. One second you can be watering a mountain of crops, and the next you're giving a needy chicken some scritches behind its silly little head. They can break up the flow of the game and, when they stand there, actually stop you from getting your work done. Time is money.

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How to move animals in Fae Farm

There are two ways you can move animals in Fae Farm, with both working to get them away from your crops or off tiles where you're looking to place items.

First of all, you can use the emote wheel (left D-Pad on PC controller or Nintendo Switch) to use the wave emote to coax animals over. Position yourself away from your farm and hail them this way to have them eventually come over. This may take multiple attempts.

Making and placing an animal lure to move animals in Fae Farm.
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The second way to move animals in Fae Farm means crafting an Animal Lure. Though the results with this seem to vary, the idea is that it encourages animals to stay within its wide area of effect.

If you're having no luck putting this at one end of the farm, try just putting it by the barn the problematic animals are registered to. You can also use the "Wave" method to beckon animals over to the post.

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