How to unlock shipping contracts in Fae Farm

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A graphic depicting a player reading a Shipping Contract and going out to collect or deliver the requested produce in Fae Farm.

If there's one reason to stuff old materials into every storage space you can find, it's to maybe make a killing in the world of Fae Farm shipping contracts. But if you don't know how to unlock shipping contracts in Fae Farm, you might actually lose money by putting your time into the wrong task.

Down below, we'll be going over both how to gain access to this tease of a feature at Azoria's docks, and how you'll be able to make the most of it. If you've been hoarding items purely through the idea of needing them some other time, these will probably validate your point.

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How to unlock shipping contracts in Fae Farm

You can unlock shipping contracts in Fae Farm as soon as you figure out how to stop the whirlpools spinning around the coast of Azoria.

The shipping contract sign by the left-most side of the harbour will tell you this early on, but it'll do little to explain how it's actually achieved.

Once you've followed the steps to remove the whirlpools and slept for the night, you'll wake up to a cutscene showing the folk from other islands returning to Azoria to see the sights and do business like they used to.

From that point on, you'll be able to complete shipping contracts to earn fixed fees of Florins.

A set of shipping contracts in Fae Farm.
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What are shipping contracts in Fae Farm?

Fae Farm's Shipping Contracts are short and simple quests that ask for a certain number of a specific item in exchange for a clearly marked monetary reward. The location never changes, but the items swap out every 14 in-game days.

Items requested via shipping contracts are usually small numbers of rare items like gemstones, or high numbers of common items like logs, lumber, or bricks and ores. The more items you discover, the more variety you'll note on the shipping contracts.

Should you do Shipping Contracts in Fae Farm?

Focusing solely on Fae Farm's shipping contracts isn't the best business decision. Some of the items can take a long time to procure. But with the value of them being high compared to most others, keeping an eye on the requests will pay off from time to time.

Instead of turning all of your attention to these contracts, they're best viewed as supplementary sources of income. If a contract wants an item you can produce alongside your usual tasks, absolutely go for it. If you're already dealing with the dungeon with emeralds, turning one in makes sense.


Basically, it's just a way to convert the odd item in your storage into some extra cash.

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