How to get rid of thorns in Fae Farm

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An illustration of a thorn breaking in Fae Farm.

As soon as you land on Azoria, you’ll begin wondering how to get rid of thorns in Fae Farm. The joyful island is full of obstacles attempting to slow down your progress. The thorns will crop up as you explore, stopping you from reaching a few cool locations. But you won’t have to wait too long to move them.

Fae Farm thorns aren’t the only obstacle you’ll face, but they are one of the easiest to remove. Rather than fully block your way to a destination, they simply lengthen a route or completely overwhelm additional potential farming space. By following a specific path, you’ll quickly learn how to remove them.

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How to get rid of thorns in Fae Farm

To remove thorns in Fae Farm, you need to unlock the Staff tool. Once you have it, simply pulling it out and swinging at thorns will remove them entirely.

Three thorns that need removing in Fae Farm.
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It only takes a single swing, and you won’t have to upgrade the tool at all. It also doesn’t cost any energy or mana: you can clear the whole island in a day no problem.

How to get the staff in Fae Farm

To get the staff you need to destroy thorns in Fae Farm, just follow the main quest. Early on, you’ll meet a little wizard who lives in the house to the right as you drop down from your farm.

Complete the wizard’s request, hit the hay, and you’ll wake up a cutscene where you’re given the staff.

Do thorns grow back in Fae Farm?

Destroyed thorns will not grow back in Fae Farm. You’re free to spend a day exploring and breaking up any thorns without fear of them returning the next day.

It’s a good idea that will stop you from needing to switch tools quite so often if, for example, you start trying to chop trees, harvest grass, or place plots in an area you haven’t fully cleared yet.


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