How to get copper in Fae Farm

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A bunch of Fae Farm characters at the market.

Not sure how to get copper in Fae Farm? There are actually a bunch of different ways, and we’re going to show you the lot. Fae Farm copper is used in a variety of recipes throughout the game, so knowing how to get it quickly can save you a lot of valuable time.

Down below, we’ll go over where to find copper in Fae Farm, how to turn it from ore into ingots, and why you’ll want to keep a steady supply of the stuff coming in early on. It’s quite the commodity, and knowing both where to find it and what you can do with it will accelerate your farm in many different ways.

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How to get copper in Fae Farm

You’ll first start to see copper in the Saltwater Mines area of Fae Farm. This is the first major dungeon in the game, and it’s where copper ore debuts.

Mining copper in Fae Farm.
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You’ll find Copper Ore in the Saltwater Mines starting at floor two, with the last of it appearing on floor 15. If you need to harvest more after this, leave the dungeon and rest for the day. More copper ore should spawn the following day.

How to get Copper Ingots in Fae Farm

Once you’ve collected enough Copper Ore from places like the Saltwater Mines in Fae Farn, you’ll be able to use some in a forge to make Copper Ingots.

Copper Ingots are made using a number of Copper Ore and some Coal — which you’ll often find on the same floors of the dungeon.

What is Copper used for in Fae Farm?

Depending on whether it’s used in Ore form or Ingot form, Fae Farm copper is used in a multitude of crafting recipes. You’ll use it to upgrade tools like your shovel and watering can. Some characters around town will also ask for it as part of their quests.


You can also sell Copper Ore or Copper Ingots at the market to make some easy money. Just keep some in storage. You’ll never know when someone (or a shipping contract) might call for it.

You’ll even need it to deal with the Fae Farm Pedestal seals dotted around Azoria, too.

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