Fae Farm 'A Watery Wonder' quest items locations: Coral, Sardines, and more

A list of items for the A Watery Wonder Fae Farm quest.

A list of items for the A Watery Wonder Fae Farm quest.

Struggling to find the Fae Farm 'A Watery Wonder' quest items locations? This one doesn't hold your hand. Found at the bottom of the game's first dungeon, the mission can be your first major roadblock if you're a little behind on your crafting and gathering, but the locations of the items needed might not be as tricky to track down as you think.

Down below, we'll run you through the items needed to complete the quest and explain where to get each one. It can take a couple in-game days to gather everything you need, or you may find that you have everything but the stations to craft them at already.

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How to complete the 'A Watery Wonder' quest in Fae Farm - All item locations

To complete the A Watery Wonder quest in Fae Farm, Nebby asks you to collect a stack of five different items for it to feast on.

Some of these are crafted using ingredients, whereas others are simple items you'll just need to pluck from the ground.

Handing all five requested ingredient to clear the Watery Wonder quest in Fae Farm.
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How to get Steamed Fish

You can cook Steamed Fish at a Cooking Hearth This is different to a Cooking Fire you'll set up when you first unlock the farm. The recipe calls for a Fish Fillet and Fresh Greens — both of which can be crafted using a Food Prep Table.

You can use any fish for Fish Fillets. Avoid using Sardines; you'll need those for the quest as well. For Fresh Greens, look for Arugula around grassy areas. They're the grassy weeds you chop with your sickle.

How to get Diced Roots

You can make Diced Roots in Fae Farm by taking a variety of root vegetables to your crafted Food Prep Table. Turnips are the easiest option if you want to grab these in a hurry. They're cheap and grow quickly. Use fertilizer to speed things up if needed.

Obtaining two of the items of the 'A Watery Wonder' quest in Fae Farm.
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How to get Sardines

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Sardines can be a little hard to find in Fae Farm, and even harder to fish up. Sardines are the fast-moving fish in the salty sea water surrounding Azoria. Standing on the edge of the docks can help you see them daring around in circles or a figure-eight shape.

To successfully catch Sardines, you'll either want to upgrade your fishing rod, each a good meal, or simply be patient. Land your hook in their path and wiggle it whenever they face it.

Once hooked, take it easy. Sardines pull. A lot. Reel them in both when they're facing you and when they're pulling away to keep them from getting too much distance, but let go as soon as they're frustrated to avoid breaking your line. Just keep at it and you'll eventually reel them in.

Sand Dollars and Coral in Fae Farm.
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How to get Sand Dollar

You'll find Sand Dollars in Fae Farm dotted around the coastal areas. So long as you're on sandy terrain, you'll stand a chance of seeing Sand Dollars just sitting there alongside sand piles, rocks, branches, and other foraged items.

If you can't find enough Sand Dollars, pick up everything you can from the beaches and come back the following day. Items respawn each morning.

How to get Coral

Like Sand Dollars, you'll find all the Fae Farm coral on the beaches around Azoria. The best place tends to be the smaller alcove on the west side just beyond the fishing hut.

If you're struggling to find Coral along the coast, empty it out completely of foraged items and sleep to progress the day. New items spawn each day, and having more space for them to respawn should mean more chances for Coral to spawn where it wasn't before.

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