GTA Online Players Sick of NPC Road Rage

A fancy supercar from GTA Online.

A fancy supercar from GTA Online.

The world is your oyster in GTA Online. Many desire money and power, or at least reasonable petrol prices. Some revel in the glory of ruining griefers' days. And hey, you might even fancy robbing a diamond while dressed as Despicable Me 3's Balthazar Bratt.

It's tricky, though. GTA Online's ultimate power fantasy might leave you feeling a little too big for your boots as you zoom around in your ridiculous supercar and make more money than you'll ever know what to do with.

So the game has begun bringing you right back down to earth, as one player has noticed in the GTA Online subreddit.

Trevor from GTA 5 shoots a bystander while driving a motorbike.
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GTA Online NPCs Will Run You Down, No Questions Asked

User bail-1999 posted a video of their struggles with the road situation in GTA Online, saying "I've about completely had it with the NPC traffic in this game."

Along with this complaint was a video of their character trundling along on a motorbike behind a white van and shooting explosives at it in an attempt to steal some power drills.

However, this fearless criminal activity didn't go unpunished for long, as a random NPC vehicle immediately ploughed straight through the back of the bike, sending both the shooter and driver into ragdoll somersaults.

Not to worry, right? The van is going pretty slowly - they can just get back on the bike and chase it down, can't they?

Alas, the GTA gods have a cruel sense of humour. Every time they tried to cross the busy road, more and more vehicles slammed our hero to the ground. You'll want to watch to the end of this devastating tragedy.

Unfortunately, the GTA Online community weren't massively sympathetic to bail-1999's plight and comedy of errors. Apparently, shooting explosives at moving vehicles in a robbery attempt would be frowned upon in the real world, with plenty of commenters taking the side of the NPCs.

Ronmanex started the conversation, stating: "Honestly what would you expect to happen when you shoot a gun in traffic," and numerous others agreed, questioning the poster's decision to run across the main road, a place where, traditionally, cars have the right of way. Tsukiyon put it best: "And staying in the middle of the highway the entire time. If the bike stayed on the side since the beginning, the entire thing wouldn't have happened."

What would you do when witnessing violent murder on the motorway? User Arek_PL has clearly seen enough of this sort of thing: "Tbh, the reaction is quite realistic, you either in panic back up and collide with the car in the back or run over the gunman by driving forward in panic".

Maybe we should all take the more casual approach of user Sliced-_-Bread, referencing the finale of this beautiful disaster: "They see me rollin'."

In any case, get your crash helmets on if you plan on committing crimes in GTA Online, lest you end up needing to cheat death itself. Keep an eye out right here for more GTA Online shenanigans, from top beginner tips to guides on where to get the podium car and fastest cars in the game.

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