GTA Online Players Find Way to Cheat Death Itself

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.

Mistakes in GTA Online can be costly. When you’re knee-deep in a high-stakes heist or leading on the final lap of a close race, one false move can mean the loss of your next paycheck, lots of frustration and a need to calm down.

While the presence of griefers can seemingly make such disappointments unavoidable, a solution to your woes may finally have surfaced.

This is thanks to GTA players on Reddit, who seem to have found a reliable way out for those who find themselves barreling towards certain death.

GTA Online Players Find Way to Cheat Death Itself

Posting to begin a thread on the GTA Online subreddit, user ur-mum-lolz shared a clip of them driving towards an indestructible telephone pole, then stopping the car dead just before the point of impact by opening the game’s character switch menu and selecting Franklin, only to back out upon the prompt to leave the session.

They captioned this video: “pro tip: switch to a story mode character and back out to avoid death”.

User AndrisPronis shared an alternative method of accomplishing the same goal for players on PC, saying: “Alt+F4 works too, in the same way. Also it forces your game to save so you can fix the ‘Saving failed’ error with it”.

There was some debate over when both techniques work if your car is in the air, rather than on the ground, with some users saying it does and others disagreeing.

One of those who disagreed, user WhatzitTooya2 took it upon themselves to end the debate by testing it out and was surprised by the results, saying: “Scrap that, it does work, I've just tried. Could have sworn it doesn't, but last time I tried must predate even the Gunrunning DLC…”.

Meanwhile, several players announced their plans to use the neat little trick going forwards, while user Experiment_628 encouraged them to use their new powers for evil, saying: “do it in a race and instantly brake check others”.

On the other hand, user Spatulaface-mk2 refused to take the easy way out of a GTA jam, declaring: “No. Take the fall like a man”.

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