GTA Online Players Share Tips They Wish They’d Known When Starting Out

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An image of a car chase in GTA Online.

Given how much it’s evolved since its 2013 release, GTA Online’s many quirks can sometimes feel unknowable, even to seasoned veterans.

Perhaps this is what inspired Reddit user TheSilversky64 to start a thread in the r/gtaonline subreddit asking other players which tips and tricks they wish they’d known before they started playing.

The discussion, which began with TheSilversky64 admitting that: “a big one for me was learning that punching while travelling up stairs is faster than running/jumping”, quickly snowballed, with a variety of suggestions being posted.

GTA Online Players Share Tips

While BassKongXIII directly responded to TheSilversky64’s tip, revealing that using first-person mode while going up stairs is even faster than punching, the other hints thrown around in the thread touch on a huge range of other areas within the game.

One area with a lot of focus put on it is measures that players can employ to avoid unwanted fights, with Civil_Connection7706 advising: “expanding radar while inside will show you if someone is waiting outside to shoot you” and villecity1080 revealing: “not being logged in to your mc or ceo unless you’re selling or doing work will save you money plus you won’t get raided”.

These ideas were added to by Porucini127, who mentioned: “if your vehicle has lock in missiles and you are not trying to fight anyone, turn the lock on off so the people that you pass by don’t think you are threatening them” and ClivePalmersLawyer, who added: “Ducking while driving is super underrated. It's a great habit to get into.”

Other tips revolve around how to spend your hard-earned cash, with Iamlabaguette simply declaring: “don’t buy business in Paleto Bay” and McNamoo outlining a useful purchase in the gunrunning update’s Mobile Operations Center, which boasts a cab that “fully upgraded can take 69 Oppressor tier rockets before exploding”.

The mobile phone also receives some attention, with GeographyQuiz advising players to “change 'message frequency' to 1 hour to recieve less annoying phone calls” and idontgiveamuck adding “pressing left on the D pad while in your contacts will save you LOADS of time scrolling”.

Some users get more philosophical, with TacoRalf and GSM66 encouraging people to “just have fun” and to stop making their experience miserable by grinding too hard.

However, by far the most essential tip comes from PapaXan, who revealed that: “When you spawn in the shower in your apartment and it tells you to sing into the mic for RP, it gets broadcasted to the entire lobby.”

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