GTA Online Players Have Heated Military Roleplay Debate

A promo screenshot of the Patriot Mil-Spec.
Credit: Official promo image via the GTA Fandom Wiki.

A promo screenshot of the Patriot Mil-Spec.
Credit: Official promo image via the GTA Fandom Wiki.

The annals of GTA Online history are full of titanic tussles, with both brutal in-game battles with griefers and equally intense Reddit debates over which heist is the most fun regularly rocking the foundations of Rockstar’s crime simulator.

However, one argument on the game’s subreddit has arguably brought together players rich and poor. Surprisingly, it doesn’t revolve around either money or bad sport lobbies.

Instead, the world hangs in the balance as GTA players clash over which is the best military-inspired colour to paint their favourite jeep.

GTA Online Players Have Heated Military Roleplay Debate

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user TimHauptmann opened Pandora's box by sharing a picture of two jeeps sitting side by side and captioning it: “Found a guy in (a) Patriot Mil-Spec, the same idea of a military vehicle. I think (the) ‘moss brown’ colour is better than ‘olive green’. Your thoughts, which one is better?”

Several fellow players replied to the post expressing their aesthetic preferences, with the sandy hue of ‘Desert Tan’ garnering a lot of love alongside ‘Matte Black’, with user Carloslopesuwu describing the latter as “like a mercenary company”.

User Cazzeq-konstapelrost took a slightly more sophisticated viewpoint on the contentious issue, musing: “depends on the fighting grounds”, to which TimHauptmann replied: “I noticed how Moss Brown looks dark green in a darker environment, and looks yellow-ish in bright conditions. I would say it works for all types of LS terrain.”

Perhaps this explains why, among the players in the thread, ‘moss brown’ received the most votes, seemingly beating out ‘olive green’ in the one on one battle.

Meanwhile, some other users posted their more adventurous preferences, with FudgeControl recommending: “chrome paint with dollar wheels for that 2014 look” and Successful-Whole4307 sarcastically proposing: “lime green with flames”.

Some players were more interested in modifications to the Patriot Mil-Spec than its colour, with Current_Tradition578 “still waiting for Rockstar to add a 50 cal on it”, to which Terrible_Owl_4041 pessimistically replied: “they’ll copy, paste, add the .50 cal and then up the price to $4 million”.

Regardless, the most contentious debate in GTA history was settled, with ‘moss brown’ having won the day.

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