GTA Online Player Claims Rockstar Cheaped Out on Compensation

A promo image of a car in GTA Online.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo image of a car in GTA Online.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Unfortunately, GTA Online can be just as unforgiving as the real world, with bad things that can leave even the richest players reeling in financial pain occurring out of the blue.

In the absence of any helpline to call, victims of such instances are often left without recourse. That is unless they’re one of the few prepared to take matters into their own hands and approach the monolithic Rockstar in search of compensation.

For one player, a game freeze that caused them to lose out on an expensive supercar they’d just won has inspired them to do just that.

GTA Online Player Receives Inadequate Compensation From Rockstar

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user 01aleksander, who described the incident and shared an image of Rockstar support’s supposed response to a request for compensation, which seemed to suggest that 01aleksander had been awarded around $55k of in-game currency, rather than the $1.2 million they’d been seeking to cover the cost of the car.

Several fellow GTA players replied to the post expressing their surprise that 01aleksander had received any compensation at all, with user 9jawarrior saying: “Rockstar: ‘Be happy, that's $54,999 more than you deserve.’”

User xAustin90x took a slightly more sarcastic tact, commenting: “Rockstar only has so much digital money they can give away…”, to which fenster112 added: “It's like they think digital money grows on digital trees.”

A few other players brought this back to reality, sharing stories of similar instances happening to them. For example, user Bordeaux710 described: “When it glitched out for me and I lost the car, rockstar apologised for the ‘inconvenience’ but failed to compensate me”, while peepers63 said: “Same here, I won the car last week, but game glitched when I chose a garage. I even sent them a screenshot with me, and the wheel stopped on the car.”

On the other hand, several users shared their compensation claiming success stories, with GrenadianKing revealing that they’d received a sum of money equal to that of the podium car when their game had frozen before claiming it.

This prompted a response from 01aleksander, who said that they’d hoped for exactly the same outcome when contacting Rockstar.

Luckily, user dlmurgatroyd- was around to reassure 01aleksander and advise that they spend the $55k on: “2 cans of soda & a chocolate bar”.

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