How to Unlock The Lost Valley in Genshin Impact

Wondering how to unlock Lost Valley in Genshin Impact? It's an essential part of unlocking a bunch of new artifacts for some cool new character, and the sooner you do it, the more Resin you'll have to pump into some good rolls.

Getting into this new Domain requires solving a puzzle you’ll run across several times in the Chasm, and it involves creating Geo resonances to activate certain crystals. You’ll need to time your movements just right, and if you don’t have Zhongli and his constructs, make sure to switch the Traveler to their Geo version.

If you’re looking for more Genshin Impact goodness, check out our collection of Genshin Impact codes list. You’ll need all the Primogems you can get if you want to try for Yelan and Kuki Shinobu when they eventually arrive in the next patch or two.

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How to Unlock Lost Valley in Genshin Impact

You’re probably at the Domain already if you’re reading this, but if not, head northeast of the Chasm’s Statue of the Seven, in between Fuao Vale and The Surface. Paimon calls you over to the Geo Resonance crystal and briefly talks about it, but there’s something else you need to do before activating this.

Defeat the enemies near the Domain entrance and you’ll find a pressure platform. Create a Geo structure on it using Zhongli’s or the Geo Traveler’s Skill. Ride the wind rings that appear, smack the Geo Resonance Crystal, then wait a few seconds. The Geo shockwaves will eventually reach the Domain entrance and shatter the stones around it. With that, you'll unlock the Lost Valley domain.

What Are the Lost Valley Rewards in Genshin Impact?

Lost Valley is where you’ll find the two new Artifact sets, Echoes of an Offering and Vermillion Hereafter.

Echoes of an Offering is something you'll see a lot of in our Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato build or any character who relies on normal attacks, including Yun Jin and Yanfei. Vermillion Hereafter has broader use and increases the attack of its wearer after they use an Elemental Burst, making it a good fit for characters such as Raiden Shogun and Hu Tao.

Lost Valley Tips

Lost Valley is full of Ruin Enemies and Ruin Graders, so make sure you take a healer and at least one character with good ranged attack along with you.

The Ruin Graders in particular can decimate your party if you aren’t careful. They’re still prone to Elemental Reactions such as freeze and superconduct, though, so make good use of those to lower its defenses and stop it cold.

If you’ve managed to get lucky on Ayato’s banner, your luck just doubled - the artifacts inside the Lost Valley domain are ideally suited to his particular set of skills, but you'll need to grind any and all Ayato materials you don't already have if you're to have him be a useful addition to your team.

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