Genshin Impact Fluorescent Fungus Locations

Want to find Genshin Impact Fluorescent Fungus locations? Another version, another new world material to collect. As with Amakumo Fruit on Seirai island in Genshin Impact 2.1, this time we're venturing to Tsurumi to find Fluorescent Fungus. So, "why are these colourful mushrooms so important?" you may ask. Well, Fluorescent Fungus is one of Thoma's ascension materials, meaning you'll want to seek it out.

Though the Pyro polearm-user hasn't released yet, and won't until the second half of version 2.2, it makes sense to start collecting materials to ascend him now. Doing so early will mean that, when you get him, you can level him right up and throw him straight into your party.

Tsurumi Island is a little tough to navigate at first because of all the fog, and this makes it hard to spot world materials from a distance. But with the help of this Fluorescent Fungus locations guide, you should easily be able to locate some for yourself. You can also get rid of Tsurumi's fog by following the main island quest you get from the adventurer's guild—our Particularly Authorly Author guide can help you out there.

Where Do I Find Genshin Impact Fluorescent Fungus?

It's not too hard to find Fluorescent Fungus in Genshin Impact, and though the fog is a bit troublesome, it's certainly not as bad as the Balethunder we had to contend with when harvesting Amakumo Fruit on Seirai island. As you can see in the official map below (thanks, Mihoyo) there is plenty of Fluorescent Fungus scattered across Tsurumi.

A map of Genshin Impact Fluorescent Fungus locations
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How Do I Get Fluorescent Fungus Without Getting Lost in the Fog?

Just as with Seirai, Tsurumi island is a little troublesome to navigate. If you go wandering off, the fog accumulates like a status effect, and after a while, you'll be teleported back to your starting spot. The key to avoiding the fog is activating the diamond-shaped stones by hitting them with Electro, which clears the fog around them. We recommend a quick charged shot from either Fischl or Sara, but Keqing or Razor will also do the trick.

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Some of these diamond-shaped stones have fog in the centre of them, and this means you have to find the Thunderbird Perch in the area and make an offering to it, finding three feathers, and bringing them back. This will ultimately clear the fog in that area. You can also activate waypoints to clear the fog as well.

Aloy standing next to a fog dispelling stone on Tsurumi Island
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How Do I Farm Fluorescent Fungus?

If you're looking to ascend Thoma straight away, you're going to need 168 Fluorescent Fungus before he launches in November. Tsurumi island has 71, so you'll have to farm them two and half times, or three times partially, if you don't want to hunt down every last one.

An inventory menu showing Fluorescent Fungus in Genshin Impact
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As with other plant-based character materials, Fluorescent Fungus will take 48 hours to re-appear, so you'll have to intersperse any farming to take account of that.

And that's how to get Fluorescent Fungus. If you're looking for more of the same, why not check out our guide to the Spiral Abyss, as well as our best Kokomi build guide.

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