Genshin Impact Arataki Itto build - Best weapons, artifacts, and talent priorities

Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact

Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact
December 7, 2022: Pulling in the rerun banner? Check out this Arataki Itto build.

Looking for the best possible Genshin Impact Arataki Itto build? Look no further if you want to deal some serious damage as the one and Oni himself.

This club-wielding leader of the Arataki gang is known for causing some mischief and mayhem in Inazuma and is a fantastic DPS if he's built right. Itto comes from a race of yokai who have bigger and stronger builds than regular humans. In some ways, it makes him a little like Ganyu or Yanfei, who are both part Adepti.

While you're here, we've got handy lists of Genshin Impact Electroculus locations, Genshin Impact weapons, and Genshin Impact codes for you to check out. That said, here's what we know regarding the best Arataki Itto build around.

How do I get Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact?

Arataki Itto is only available on his 5-Star Banner, Oni's Royale, which will be rerunning from December 7 in version 3.3. Other than that, you won't be able to get him, so get saving!

Official artwork of Arataki Itto
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What is the best weapon for Arataki Itto?

Bonus Stat
How to obtain
Redhorn Stonethresher
CRIT DMG 88.2%
DEF is increased by 28%. Normal and Charged Attack DMG is increased by 40% of DEF.
Epitome Invocation banner while Itto reruns
Wolf's Gravestone
ATK 49.6%
Increases ATK by 20%. On hit, attacks against enemies with less than 30% HP increase all party members' ATK by 40% for 12s. Can only occur once every 30s.
Serpent Spine
CRIT Rate 27.6%
Every 4s a character is on the field, they will deal 6% more DMG and take 3% more DMG. This effect has a maximum of 5 stacks and will not be reset if the character leaves the field, but will be reduced by 1 stack when the character takes DMG.
Battle Pass reward
Def 51.7%
On hit, Normal or Charged Attacks increase ATK and DEF by 6% for 6s. Max 4 stacks. This effect can only occur once every 0.5s.

Arataki Itto is a Geo claymore-user, but the club in his artwork isn't his signature five-star weapon. Instead, his weapon is the Redhorn Stonethresher claymore, which will be available on the weapon banner when Itto reruns. There are, however, some good alternatives.

Any weapon that boosts Itto's Defense, Crit rate, or Attack stat is a worthwhile option for his build if you don't want to pull on the weapon banner.

What are the best Artifacts for Arataki Itto?

Artifact Set
2-Piece Bonus
4-Piece Bonus
Husk of Opulent Dreams
DEF +30%
A character equipped with this Artifact set will obtain the Curiosity effect in the following conditions: When on the field, the character gains 1 stack after hitting an opponent with a Geo attack, triggering a maximum of once every 0.3s. When off the field, the character gains 1 stack every 3s. Curiosity can stack up to 4 times, each providing 6% DEF and a 6% Geo DMG Bonus. When 6 seconds pass without gaining a Curiosity stack, 1 stack is lost.
Archaic Petra
Gain a 15% Geo DMG Bonus.
Upon obtaining an Elemental Shard Created through a Crystallize Reaction, all party members gain a 35% DMG Bonus for that particular element for 10s. Only one form of Elemental DMG Bonus can be gained in this manner at any one time.
Shimenawa's Reminiscence
ATK +18%
When casting an Elemental Skill, if the character has 15 or more Energy, they lose 15 Energy and Normal/Charge/Plunging Attack DMG is increased by 50% for 10s. This effect will not trigger again during that duration.

Really, there is only one best option for artifacts to put on Itto: the Husk of Opulent Dreams set. However, you can use some others to buff certain stats, too.

Any artifact that has a decent Defense bonus will be critical to Itto, as his damage scales off how high his Defense is. Really, you don't need to worry about HP or Attack here, but some Crit rate bonuses won't go amiss.

What materials does Aratki Itto need to ascend?

Amount needed to reach level 80 ascension
Riftborn Regalia
Slime Condensate, Secretions, Concentrate
18, 30, 36
Prithiva Topaz Sliver, Fragment, Chunk, Gemstone
1, 9, 9, 6

The only (or should we say, Oni) reason that Arataki Itto isn't recommended for new Genshin players is his ascension materials. They are all located in Inazuma, and the boss fight can be a pain without the correct team.

Onikabuto can be found around Narukami, Kannazuka, Yashiori, and Seirai Islands. They cluster where electric energy is, and are fairly easy to spot with their bright purple bodies. They are mostly on trees or walls.

The Riftborn Regalia is a boss drop from the Golden Wolflord found on Tsurumi Island. This fight can be very hard, as the Wolflord applies corrosion, which constantly ticks down health.

What are Arataki Itto's Talent level-up materials?

Amount required to hit level 10
Teachings of, Guide to, Philosophies of Elegance
9, 63, 114
Slime Condensate, Secretions and Concentrate
18, 66, 93
Ashen Hearts (La Signora)
Crown of Insight

Arataki Itto needs the following materials to get his talents to level ten, and max them out:

What are Arataki Itto's Abilities?

Here are Arataki Itto's abilities, Constellations, and passive skills:

Normal Attack

Performs up to five consecutive strikes. When his first and fourth strike land he gains stacks of Superlative Strength to a max of five.
When initiating, you may repeatedly press to perform Arataki Kesagiri slashes whiich each consume a stack of Superlative Strength instead of stamina. When the final stack is consumed, Itto performs a powerful attack. When no stacks are available, Itto performs a Saichimonji Slash.
Plunges to the ground, causing AoE damage on strike.

Elemental Skill and Burst

Matsatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst!
Itto throws the bull Ushi, dealing Geo damage. Every time Ushi hits an enemy, Itto gains a stack of Superlative Strength. Ushi also taunts enemies and inherits HP based on Itto's max HP. When Ushi is hit, Itto gains a stack of Superlative Strength. Ushi counts as a Geo construct, and will flee when HP reaches zero or skill duration ends.
Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil!
Itto summons a massive iron club and enters the Raging Oni King state, granting him Geo weapon infusion, increased attack and normal attack speed based on defence, and 20% decreased physical and elemental resistance. He will also gain stacks of Superlative Strength on the first and third hits of his combo. This state ends when Itto leaves the field.


Woodchuck Chucked
When a party member gains wood, there is a 25% chance to get another log.
Arataki Ichiban
Using consecutive Arataki Kesagiri grants 10% more attack speed with a maximum of 30%, and increased resistance to interruption.
Bloodline of the Crimson Oni
Arataki Kesagiri damage is increased by 35% of Itto's defense.


Stay a While and Listen
After using his burst, Itto gains two stacks of Superlative Strength. After one second he receives an additional stack.
Gather 'Round, It's a Brawl!
After using his burst, Itto gains a 1.5 second skill cooldown reduction and six energy for every Geo party member.
Horns Lowered, Coming Through
Increases the level of Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst! by three. Max upgrade level is 15.
Jailhouse Bread and Butter
After Itto's burst state ends, all nearby party members gain increased attack and defense.
10 Years of Hanamizaka Fame
Increases the level of Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil by three. Max upgrade level is 15.
Arataki Itto, Present!
Itto's charged attacks deal 50% increased crit damage, and when he uses Arataki Kesagiri, there is a 50% chance not to consume Superlative Strength.

Who is Arataki Itto?

The first and greatest head of the Arataki Gang is a literal Oni, that wields a club and deals some massive damage.

He is aligned with the Geo element and has a taunt skill that throws out a bull called Ushi. Each charged attack that Itto uses gains a stack, and when five have piled up, he can unleash some heavy hits that will send your foes flying.

In terms of his lore, Itto is known around Inazuma as a mischievous person who is often on the run from the law.

Itto has hobbies that he pursues, including Onikabuto wrestling, which he takes pride in when he rarely wins. His character is outgoing, and regarded as somewhat of an idiot, though he means well and protects those around him.

For more on Genshin Impact, check out our guides on the 3.3 characters that landed alongside his first rerun. If you're gunning for a five-star character, check out the Wanderer build and Wanderer materials page. That's the new, changeable, name for Scaramouche. For the four-star character, the Faruzan build and Faruzan materials page should be on your radar.

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