The Genshin Impact Golden Wolflord boss fight guide

The new version is finally here, meaning the Genshin Impact Golden Wolflord boss is open for business, and this one is particularly nasty. Like the Rifthound Whelps, the Wolflord can apply corrosion to your party, reducing every character's health at once while also generating a shield that you'll struggle to smash without Geo characters.

Luckily, the Golden Wolflord's materials are only currently needed to ascend Arataki Itto and Yun Jin, so you won't necessarily have to fight it if you aren't interested in Geo. Still, it's fun to try new things, and we're here with a Golden Wolflord boss guide to help make it as easy as possible.

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Where is the Golden Wolflord?

The Golden Wolflord is located on Tsurumi Island, in an area to the bottom left of the island. Simply walk towards the golden rift in the centre and the boss will appear. Like other bosses, it only takes a few minutes to respawn after being beaten. It is a good idea to take a wave rider to the area, as Tsurumi Island is covered in fog until you complete a quest.

The Genshin Impact Golden Wolflord boss firing his beam attack.
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Genshin Impact Golden Wolflord strategy

The Golden Wolflord is tricky, and probably one of the harder normal bosses that we've seen if you don't have a Geo character in-party. Health corrosion is more manageable with melee-focused Rifthound Whelps, but the Wolflord fires off a huge amount of projectiles that apply the same effect, especially in its second phase. Here, we'll offer some advice on how to beat it:

Phase One

After the Golden Wolflord activates, it will fly around the arena slowly, alternating between a number of different attacks:

  • Beam attack: This has a long charge-up, but is obvious as the Wolflord turns its head to one side, so simply run up close before it fires to deal some damage.
  • Spin attack: This is a fast one-off spin, similar to the Primo Geovishap tail attack.
  • Whirlwind attack: The Wolflord summons a giant vortex that will chase you around the arena, but when it's done it will be paralysed on the ground for a short time. Simply run away, then go over and start attacking when it dissipates.
  • Exploding wolf heads: The Wolflord fires some wolf heads at you, which explode on impact, but luckily these are relatively easy to dodge.
  • Snake wolf: The boss will slither around the arena like a snake, then fall over afterwards. Simply dodge and then chase it down to attack.

Once you've knocked down its health by around a third, it'll enter its second phase.

Phase Two

This is the horrible phase where a Geo character is vital, even if they are level one. The Golden Wolflord will summon wolf heads around the arena and you must damage them enough in order to lower the boss' shield. But Geo does more damage to the wolf heads and the Wolflord in this phase. While you're trying to do this, the wolf heads will fire projectiles, and the Wolflord will perform large AoE attacks. The best tactic is to dodge and deal damage when you can. Elemental attacks also do more damage to the wolf heads, with Geo destroying them in a few hits.

The hardest thing about the Wolflord is that, because it flies, healers who rely on their melee skill for energy recharge, such as Jean or Bennett, are pretty much useless as they rarely have an opportunity to hit the boss. And with all that health corrosion, you're going to need a healer. Barbara might do an okay job, but since it's hard to autotarget the boss with normal bow attacks, a catalyst user might have exactly the same problem unless they're standing close.

A good option would be an archery-based healer like Diona with a Favonius Warbow, then you can at least use aimed charge-attacks to gain energy. It seems like Gorou is going to absolutely melt this boss when he releases, considering he'll be the only Geo archer in the game. Once the shield is broken, you're over the hump. Just keep dealing damage and dodging attacks to beat it.

Golden Wolflord Boss Rewards

As is usual for open-world bosses, the Golden Wolflord drops two character ascension materials, as well as some potential artifacts

  • Prithiva Topaz (Sliver, Fragment, Chunk, or Gemstone depending on world level)
  • Riftborn Regalia
  • Three-star Travelling Doctor set
  • Three or four-star Instructor set
  • Three or four-star Exile set
  • Four or five-star Gladiator's Finale set
  • Four or five-star Wanderer's Troupe set
Aragaki Itto will probably be part of the best party comp for the Golden Wolflord Genshin Impact boss battle.
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What are the best characters to take to defeat the Golden Wolflord?

In terms of the best party composition, Gorou is a perfect support here, as he can use his banner-based abilities to increase Geo damage output. You will need at least one Geo character for this fight, ideally two in order to get the Geo buff, as the deployed Rifthound Skulls can only be damaged with the Geo element.

We highly recommend ranged options, as the Wolflord flies around a lot, and it does well to damage it while it is in the air, too. Ningguang specifically is great for this fight, as her ranged Geo can hit the smaller wolves around the lord. Once the wolf is downed, though, smack it with any heavy DPS you have.

Zhongli, Thoma, Noelle
Kokomi, Qiqi, Jean, Bennett
Ningguang, Yoimiya, Yanfei, Ganyu, Xiangling, Albedo

If you have no levelled Geo characters, then I'd recommend any character that can infuse their weapon with an element to help you get through the wolf head phase. Keqing and Diluc would likely work, though Hu Tao might be a bit risky due to the health loss that comes with her skill.

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