Genshin Impact - A Particularly Particular Author Guide and Perch Locations

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Genshin Impact offers a variety of world quests that provide insightful information about the many regions of Teyvat and the characters living in it. Some of them are hidden and only appear under certain conditions, while others are locked behind adventure rank and main story progression, but all of them reward the player with useful items such as large amounts of mora, ascension materials, and even primogems.

Today we will talk about the world quest 'A Particularly Particular Author,' which will see the Traveler exploring the newest addition, Tsurumi Island.


A Particularly Particular Author Guide

To unlock this quest, you must first finish the questline Seirai Stormchasers. Once you're done with that, Katherine in Inazuma will have a new commission for you, which will see you travelling to Tsurumi Island. After you arrive, you must follow the following steps:

1. Talk to Sumida and then go to Kama to take a boat to Tsurumi Island.

2. Once you have arrived, go and talk to the mysterious boy Ruu, then follow him to the near perch, a tree used as a shrine to worship the Great Thunderbird.

3. Interact with the perch and it'll let out three feathers that you must collect. These will be nearby and will also show up in the minimap, so they're easy to get. When you're done with that, the quest will prompt you to go to the ceremonial site and talk to the priest Mata.

4. Mata will send you to activate three more perches, with each one in a different location.


Autake Plains Perch and Feathers

In this region, once you activate the Perch, you just have to go and get the three feathers. No special fight or conditions.

Chirai Shrine Perch and Feathers

Similar to the last region, once you activate the perch, you just have to go and get the three feathers. The last one, however, will move away when you approach it, and you will be able to get it by travelling through the nearby electro portal.

Shirikoro Peak Perch and Feathers

In this region, the feathers will be a bit more challenging to obtain. First, you will have to solve a puzzle to lower the water level and obtain the first feather, an electro current puzzle for the second, and find three Seelies for the third one.


A Particularly Particular Author Rewards

Once you've activated all the perches, you must go back to the ceremonial site and then to Ritou, where you will talk with Sumida and finish the quest, obtaining the following rewards:

  • 450 Adventure EXP
  • 50k mora
  • 50 primogems
  • Five hero's wit
  • Four mystic enhancement ore

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