Warzone players are dealing with flying boats operated by suspected cheaters

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Warzone RHIB boat and Captain Price pointing gun to ground
Credit: Activision

Despite the best efforts of Warzone's developers, cheaters continue to slip through the net and drop into Call of Duty's battle royale. Whether it's someone boasting an unnaturally accurate aim or the ability to shoot through walls, encountering a potential hacker can be hugely frustrating.

With Season 5 Reloaded now underway, some players have been ditching the game in favour of a rival battle royale, while a new melee bug has been causing trouble in casual and ranked matches.

The latest cheating-related affecting the game issue involves Warzone's boats. Instead of speeding through the water, an exploit is causing some of them to fly through the sky.

Warzone flying boat exploit is ruining matches

During a recent ranked match, Reddit user Sup3rchaos encountered some flying boats that were preventing parachuting players from reaching the ground.

Sharing a clip of a flying boat in action, the player said: "I finally witnessed the flying boat hack for the first time in (a) ranked battle royale (match)." As expected, plenty of frustrated players aren't best pleased with the discovery. One simply responded: "What a joke of a game."

In addition to the occasional flying vehicle, in another thread, Reddit user Krolex has claimed that the majority of Warzone matches currently feature at least one potential cheater of some description.

Although the team behind Ricochet anti-cheat often introduce new tactics designed to stop cheaters from impacting matches, stopping all forms of cheating in Warzone is always going to be a tricky task.

Usually, Activision swings the ban hammer and bans thousands of cheaters in one fell swoop, but in Season 5, there haven't been many occasions where the number of hackers has declined.

Boats aren't the only things flying around the skies during Warzone matches. A bug has also been causing doors to fly above the map, much to the confusion of players trying to concentrate on the nearby action.

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