Warzone exploit sees player fly around map on airborne motorbike

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Warzone player sitting on motorbike and player falling above Vondel map
Credit: Activision

Thanks to its vast array of vehicles, there are a number of ways players can choose to navigate Warzone's maps. Ranging from electric Hummers to helicopters, the game's offerings mean players dropping into the action don't need to rely on walking to get around Al Mazrah as fast as possible.

With Season 5 now underway, players have been debating whether a potential launcher nerf would be necessary, while some are claiming that aim assist now behaves in a different manner when compared to previous seasons.

The latest area of in-game concern involves an exploit that's allowing players to navigate the battlefield even faster than intended. Rather than using a motorbike for some ground-based travel, the issue is seeing riders to take to the skies.

Warzone has flying motorbikes

During a recent solos match, user NAaaoooooo noticed an opponent flying around the map on a motorbike, instead of the usual helicopter or two. To showcase the problem, the player has shared a clip of them attempting to shoot it down to Reddit.

Other players were quick to point out that flying motorbikes are often a sign of cheaters attempting to gain an unfair advantage throughout a match. One player revealed: "It's part of cheating software. They can make vehicles move faster too and (enable) unlimited slide."

Despite the cheating likely involved in its creation, players saw the lighter side of the clip. One player in the thread joked: "Damn, these UFO sightings are really getting out of hand."

This isn't the first instance of flying motorbikes causing chaos in Warzone. During the Verdansk era, hackers were utilising them to fly into the air and drive into unsuspecting players.

Raven Software and Ricochet anti-cheat were able to rectify the problem in 2021, so there's every chance they're already working on a fix to stop flying bikes ruining matches once again.

For now, keep an eye on the sky to try and spot any suspicious vehicles hurtling around at breakneck speeds.

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