Warzone players claim aim assist is behaving differently in Season 5

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Screenshot of Warzone player aiming with gun and player pointing with arm
Credit: Activision

The topic of aim assist often sparks debate among Warzone players, regardless of which control scheme the prefer to use. Controller users dropping into Call of Duty's battle royale are allowed to aim assist, in order to compete more easily with the precise aim of a mouse.

Following the launch of Season 5, the game's anti-cheat now uses the kill feed to show bans. Meanwhile, players are loving the new collection of Operator skins available through the battle pass.

After loading into some casual and competitive matches to kick off the new season, a number of players have suggested that rotational aim assist isn't quite the same.

Warzone rotational aim assist nerf

During a recent stream, content creator TheTacticalBrit found himself in the gulag and noticed a change in the behaviour of rotational aim assist.

The streamer tweeted: "(I don't know) if it is a bug, intended or unintended, but after a few metres, rotational (assist) breaks off in strength." It's currently unclear if Raven Software has actually decided to adjust rotational aim assist, but TheTacticalBrit says the apparent change could have benefits, adding: "I want to see aim assist reduced, rotational especially. It is crazy overpowered."

It turns out TheTacticalBrit isn't the only one that's noticed a difference. User Interesting-Swan6322 has taken to Reddit to ask why there's seemingly a lack of rotational aim assist in-game.

The player said: "Am I crazy or do I have no rotational AA (aim assist) all of a sudden?" Judging by the comments, controller players are seemingly struggling to shoot straight. One player claimed: "On PS5, my aim assist is barely anything anymore. (I've got) no clue what happened."

The Season 5 patch notes contain no information on any aim assist adjustments, which suggest that the change could be unintentional. If that's the case, there's a chance Raven Software could soon revert aim assist to how it was in previous seasons.

On the other hand, there's a possibility the change is intentional, and players will have to adapt to the new mechanics.

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