Call of Duty anti-cheat bans now appear in kill feed

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Call of Duty screenshot of Ghost with red box around head and player wearing ranked play skin
Credit: Activision

In recent years, the number of hackers gaining an unfair advantage in Call of Duty matches has increased, much to the annoyance of those dropping into Warzone and Modern Warfare 2.

With Season 5 of multiplayer and the battle royale now underway, the teams behind their anti-cheat mechanics continue to adjust various aspects of Ricochet, to prevent cheaters from ruining the action. Despite a recent ban wave, Warzone players claim to have recently noticed a sudden influx of players cheating.

The latest adjustment from Activision provides further clarity on cheating during matches, thanks to a change to the in-game kill feed.

Call of Duty anti-cheat kill feed notifications

In addition to publishing the Season 5 patch notes, Call of Duty's developers have revealed the kill feed will now notify all players in the lobby when a suspected hacker has dealt with by Ricochet.

Based on the post's comments, several players have stamped their seal of approval on this latest innovation. One player said: "That will be encouraging to know! This is a cool change." Another adds: "(This) season so far has been a W!"

On the other hand, some players remain sceptical, with one arguing: "That (would be) cool and all, if your system even did a good job of detecting in the first place."

Though the addition of live bans to the kill feed is a step in the right direction, players are still airing their frustrations as false reports continue to result in shadowbans. One player asked: "Still no fix on shadowbans, right?", while another claimed: "I'm permanently banned for no reason."

It's unclear why some players are unable to overturn a shadowban. Let's hope Ricochet has something up its sleeve to prevent legitimate players from receiving punishments, instead of those using a range of techniques to ruin Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 matches.

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