Modern Warfare 2 fans discuss ways to deal with hacking accusations

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Screenshot showing Modern Warfare 2 examining gun with red box around their head and Modern Warfare 2 player holding SMG
Credit: Activision

Hacking in Modern Warfare 2 is a hugely frustrating issue in Season 3 Reloaded. Despite improvements to Ricochet anti-cheat, multiplayer and ranked play continues to see cheaters gaining an unfair advantage in Season 3 Reloaded.

With the launch of Season 4 on the horizon, legitimate players are growing tired of ranked punishing game crashes along with frustrated fans filing false reports against players with superior skill.

More often than not, the false reports result in a shadowban leaving many members of the community questioning how to deal with the claims.

How to deal with false Modern Warfare 2 reports

After earning a one-week shadowban, Reddit user Spiritual-Cut 2811 asks how other players deal with the prospect of false accusations.

“I am frustrated that I’m thinking about uninstalling the game because I don’t want to play against hackers in these premium shadowban lobbies,” says the player who’s running out of options and patience.

Unfortunately, there is no fix for false reporting as Infinity Ward’s system allows any player to file a report even though the likelihood of them hacking is slim. Other players have suggested other ways to prevent shadowbans from ruining the game. “Play another game, or accept the shadowbans,” comments one fan.

Until Infinity Ward adjusts the reporting system, players dropping into the action will continue to experience wrongful bans, which is hugely frustrating for those not using any kind of cheats and are simply playing the game.

The ability for players to report hackers in-game has its benefits, but in most cases abusing the system is doing more harm than good. Let’s hope the developer has the ability to intervene to stop false reporting from ruining the final few seasons of the Modern Warfare 2 cycle.

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