Modern Warfare 2 ranked punishes game crashes and players are furious

Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 player planting bomb and Modern Warfare 2 holding a sniper rifle
Credit: Activision

Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 player planting bomb and Modern Warfare 2 holding a sniper rifle
Credit: Activision

Although Infinity Ward attempts to prevent any kind of issues from impacting Modern Warfare 2 players in Season 3 Reloaded, several members of the community are frustrated with constant crashing and disrupting ranked matches.

With attention already focusing on what Season 4 has to offer, fans continue to climb the ranks, despite issues causing Ghost to completely disappear in the pre-game menus.

It’s not just disappearing Operators causing problems. Ranked fans are questioning why game crashes are causing massive SR losses and drops in divisions.

Modern Warfare 2 crashes ruining ranked

Reddit user rockybearking wonders why a game crash should warrant a loss in SR, considering the disconnects aren’t caused by players leaving a match.

“Who the hell came up with the idea of punishing users if we crash in ranked games?” asks the frustrated fan. “They still can’t solve the crash problem and don’t provide damage compensation to users when they crash in ranked games.”

In a bid to rectify any SR and ranking losses caused by a crash, one user thinks they’ve found a solution. “End the game. Give the team with 4 players half SR and give the team with 3 players 0 SR.”

It’s unclear why ranked matches crash on a regular basis. Despite Infinity Ward releasing plenty of updates containing bug fixes, players across all platforms continue experiencing crashes that bring their fix of competitive action to an early end.

Another way to stop crashing resulting in a loss is the addition of a reconnect feature. This allows those that experience a crash to rejoin the action and attempt to secure the win. The feature has already featured in Warzone 2 thanks to a bug, so there’s always a chance it makes an appearance in multiplayer soon.

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