When Is the Next Warzone Double XP Event?

Image showing Warzone 2 player taking cover near concrete
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone 2 player taking cover near concrete
Credit: Activision
May 8, 2024: We've updated out guide to reveal when the next Warzone double XP event is taking place.

Knowing when the next Warzone double XP event takes place is important information if you're looking to climb the ranks and level up your weapons as fast as possible.

With Season 3 Reloaded for Call of Duty's battle royale in full swing, Raven Software often switches on the bonuses giving players the perfect opportunity to complete the final battle pass sectors and level up weapons before the new season gets underway.

Typically, these Warzone events provide the perfect platform to rank up your weapons, and season level as fast as possible and although the developer doesn't share much intel on the events, many enjoy racking up tens of thousands of XP in minimal time.

Players continue to drop into the action and many ask one question: when is the next Warzone double XP event? Before we take a closer look, don't forget to check out our guides highlighting the best Warzone sniper rifle and the latest intel on Warzone ranked play.

When Is the Next Warzone Double XP Event?

According to the in-game events tab, the next Warzone double XP event will take place on May 10, 2024. As with most double XP events, there's a strong possibility of the boosts being active across the weekend and will be switched off on May 12, 2024.

Warzone double XP types

Just like the previous version of the battle royale, there are plenty of double XP variants that allow you to rank up various areas of the game as quickly as possible. Here's the full list expected to appear in Warzone:

  • Double XP
  • Double weapon XP
  • Double Operator XP
  • Double battle pass XP

It's important to note that not all of the double XP bonuses are active during every single event. Some will focus on weapon XP while others double the battle pass XP earn rate which is great for those wanting to unlock all sectors before the end of a season.

Image showing Warzone 2 players standing near plane
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Credit: Activision

Warzone Double XP Start Times

If a Warzone double XP event does take place, these are when the bonuses will activate:

  • 5.30 PM GMT
  • 6.30 PM CEST
  • 10.30 AM PT
  • 1.30 PM ET
  • 3 AM AEST

This particular double XP event is kicking off on a Thursday, meaning there's a high chance of the event lasting for the entirety of the weekend.

Can you use Warzone Double XP Tokens During Double XP Events?

During a double XP event, players are unable to stack their hard-earned tokens to earn a quad-XP boost. Although this may annoy those wanting to unlock everything quickly, the grind is much more satisfying.

That's everything there is to know about Warzone double XP events. For more, check out our guides showcasing the best Warzone AR to use and the latest intel on the best MORS loadout for long-distance duels.

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