Warzone bug causes doors to fly around the map

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Screenshot of Warzone player aiming down sights of assault rifle and Warzone player looking at door with a yellow glow around the edge
Credit: Activision

Warzone players are no strangers to experiencing a wealth of game-breaking bugs and glitches when dropping into Call of Duty’s battle royale. Whether it’s gas masks causing issues or the gulag spawning players outside of the map, fans have seen plenty of unusual issues ruin matches.

Following the launch of Season 4, community members have recently given a thumbs up to the latest seasonal update as they drop into the Vondel map for the first time.

Sadly, things aren't quite going perfectly, as one player has uncovered a bug that’s causing doors to fly across the battlefield.

Warzone doors taking over Vondel

During a recent match on Vondel, Reddit user crambo211 was overlooking a nearby river and, instead of seeing other players moving towards them, they ended up watching a pair of doors that were spinning out of control fly into view.

Crambo has asked: “has anyone else seen this?” in a bid to find some answers as to the cause of the amusing bug. While there's currently no one able to point to why the doors might be flying across the map, one fan in the thread has taken the chance to go on a trip down memory lane, to the latter stages of the Verdansk era.

“Red doors were great!” user tawley exclaims. Red doors first appeared in the original Warzone and acted as teleporters that allowed players to access different areas of the map quickly. The theory of teleporters potentially returning is an interesting one, but for now, it appears it’s just a bug.

Although nobody knows the exact cause of the flying doors, one community member says this issue has appeared before. “(The) same bug (happened) in Verdansk (during) Season 4,” states the user, who reveals flying doors aren’t anything out of the ordinary for Warzone veterans.

It’s unclear if the game's developers are aware of the bug, so there’s a chance more players will encounter one of the strangest things to ever occur during a Warzone match before it's fixed.

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