Warzone 2 gulag bug spawns players outside the map

Screenshot showing Warzone 2 gulag and Warzone 2 player holding SMG
Credit: Activision

Screenshot showing Warzone 2 gulag and Warzone 2 player holding SMG
Credit: Activision

The gulag is one of the more unique elements in Warzone 2. Players dropping into Al Mazrah have a second chance at winning if they’re able to win a one-versus-one duel against another player also looking for another opportunity to achieve victory.

With Season 3 Reloaded right around the corner, there’s still plenty of frustration among fans of Call of Duty’s battle royale. A bug that resets loadouts after a match continues to ruin matches while hackers are starting to lag switch in order to score nukes.

Usually, winning the gulag earns redeployment into the playable area of the map. But, a recent bug is causing players to respawn deep into the gas, rendering the gulag win useless.

The Warzone 2 gulag is broken again

Uncovered by Reddit user wtfOP, the bug drops gulag winners outside of the map boundary instead of inside the circle. With no way of gliding to safety, they end up eliminated despite succeeding in the last-chance saloon.

“I just spawned out of bounds!” exclaims the player wondering why the game has placed them there instead of closer to the safe part of the map. While some are only just experiencing the bug, others claim it’s been around since the start of the first season. “Happened to me in Season 1. It’s not new but it is persistent.”

The exact cause of the bug remains a mystery but the fact Infinity Ward and Raven Software haven’t implemented a fix is a concern. The state of Warzone 2 continues to act as a hot topic of conversation within the community, with some believing there’s no way to redeem the Warzone sequel.

Considering several players are experiencing the issue, it’s possible developers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. The next major update is expected to launch in May, so it’s probably best to avoid the gulag at all costs in order to survive.

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