Warzone fans give Season 4 update their seal of approval

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Screenshot of Warzone Ghost with thumbs up and Warzone player sprinting with gun pointing towards the ground
Credit: Activision

The arrival of a new Warzone update has the chance to either unite or divide the often-vocal community. Depending on the changes made by Infinity Ward and Raven Software, Call of Duty’s battle royale can end up experiencing a resurgence or ending up in the gulag once again.

Season 4 is the latest update to arrive and comes with a number of changes ranging from base health adjustments to the addition of the Vondel map, which is set in the heart of The Netherlands.

Early indicators from fans suggest the launch of the new season has been a success, with many giving the update their seal of approval.

Warzone Season 4 is proving popular

The praise starts with Reddit user Knight-112, who highlighted several changes to player health along with the arrival of the Favorite Supply Box as their favourite aspects of it.

Knight-112 says there are “some major W’s in the new update,” including the developers' attempts to address problematic issues like overly fast time to kill speeds and sluggish movement mechanics.

In addition to the update's health adjustments, players are giving the Vondel map a thumbs up. User Chris_Hansen_AMA says: “It feels like Verdansk and Fortune’s Keep had a baby.”

They also add: “Vondel feels much more bright and colourful than other Warzone 2 maps. The urban setting certainly reminds me of Verdansk.” User holnicote is also a fan, saying: “I’m loving Vondel so far. (It's) really fun to play in and (offers) a nice mix of differently ranged combat.”

Although Season 4 is in its infancy, the early feedback and comparisons to Verdansk are certainly positive. As the season progresses, it’ll be interesting to see whether fans feel the same, once everyone’s managed to master the map and found another overpowered weapon that shreds through 150 health points in a split second.

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