Warzone Season 4 will reportedly see the game's default player health total increase

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Screenshot of Warzone player holding a pistol and a knife and Warzone player using a revive with a helicopter flying in the background
Credit: Activision

Throughout the Warzone cycle, the uncomfortably rapid time to kill (TTK) in matches has become a hot topic of conversation among players dropping into the action. A quick TTK often leaves people unable to react to the barrage of bullets heading their way, resulting in some frustration.

As the start of Season 4 approaches, it appears Raven Software is making widespread changes to Call of Duty’s battle royale, in addition to adding the Vondel map and the Tempus Razorback assault rifle to it.

One of the major changes reportedly also coming to Warzone involves the base health of players. According to leaks, the developer is increasing the default player health total, in a bid to fine-tune the lightning-fast TTK.

Warzone Season 4 health changes

A report from Insider Gaming claims the base health value of 100 will become a thing of the past once the new season commences. Instead of 100, Warzone' players will kick off each assault with an increased player health total of 150.

While it may seem like a small change, the additional health points should result in a TTK increase across the board. With armour plates equipped, the maximum player health value on offer will be 300, which has a high chance of shaking up the existing meta. Judging by player reaction to them, the reported changes are going down well. For example, Twitter user world32534 says “This is the change we have been waiting for.”

In addition to this apparent increase in health values, the Season 4 update also reportedly includes changes to the presence of AI on in-game maps. Combatants will no longer protect Strongholds, which are set to become active at the beginning of a match.

It’ll also seemingly be good news for those that unexpectedly disconnect from the action. Alongside the disappearance of AI, the long-awaited reconnection feature is also reportedly rolling out, giving players the ability to re-join matches if the game or their connection kicks them out.

The Warzone Season 4 patch notes are expected to arrive a few hours, just before the new season begins and if they include changes to health and AI, there’s a possibility Raven Software might have even more adjustments up its sleeve.

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