How to get Favorite Supply Box in Warzone

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Screenshot of Warzone exploring museum point of interest on Vondel map
Credit: Activision

Wondering how to get the Favorite Supply Box in Warzone? We've got you covered.

Season 4 of Warzone is right around the corner, and there's plenty of new content to get your hands on. If you're not exploring every inch of the new Vondel map, then you might be testing out the Tempus Razorback or the ISO 45.

In the original Warzone, the Favorite Supply Box was known as the Personal Supply Box. So, if you're familiar with that item, then you'll know all about the new version of it. In this guide, we will explain exactly what the Favorite Supply Box is and how you can acquire it in Season 4 of Warzone.

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How to get Warzone Favorite Supply Box

According to the official Season 4 blog post from Activision, the Favorite Supply Box will only be attainable on the Vondel map during the Assault on Vondel event.

This map will support a variety of playlists when it launches in Warzone at the start of the season, so players won't be limited to a single playlist. The Assault on Vondel event starts on June 14 and ends on July 7. There is no additional information on if the Favorite Supply Box will be featured on other maps past the event's end date.

Vondel map in Warzone
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Credit: Provided by Activision
Vondel is the new map coming in Season 4.

Once you are on Vondel, you'll have to rely on luck to get the Favorite Supply Box. It's a rare loot drop that you can acquire from opening chests and other supply crates. If you do manage to find one, you will want to open it quickly so you can get its contents out as soon as possible.

Speaking of its contents, every Favorite Supply Box will deposit ammo, one Armor Plate, and your primary and secondary weapons from your favourite loadout. This gives you a fantastic chance to equip two primary weapons if you choose or simply go with your best overall weapons for the remainder of a match on Vondel.

How to use Warzone Favorite Supply Box

In order to make a loadout your favourite, you can simply go to the Weapons section of the Warzone menu during the pre-game lobby. Here, you can hover over all of your loadouts and then select the "Set to Favorite" option. You will know your loadout has been favourited if it has a star next to it in the loadout menu.


Once this is done, that loadout's primary and secondary weapons will be in every Favorite Supply Box that you open in Warzone.

That's everything that we know about getting this new item in Season 4. For more Warzone, take a look at our guides showcasing the best ranked play loadouts and intel on the best SMG for close-quarters combat.

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