How to unlock Nikto Operator in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2

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Screenshot of Warzone Nikto Operator holding a pistol
Credit: Activision

Wondering how to unlock the Nitko Operator in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2? We've got you covered.

Activision revealed most of the content that fans can expect when Season 4 of multiplayer and the battle royale gets underway. In addition to the new Vondel map coming to Warzone and DMZ and fresh weapons and maps arriving in multiplayer, there will, of course, be a new battle pass available as well. One of the prime rewards players can earn from the Season 4 battle pass in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 is the Nikto Operator.

If you played the original Warzone, then you will likely recognise Nikto. The Operator was one of the first to be introduced to Modern Warfare 2019 and then transitioned directly into Warzone when it was released later in 2020. Back then, players had to unlock Nikto by purchasing his Operator bundle in the COD Store. Now that he's back, players will have to unlock him in a slightly different way.

How to unlock Nikto Operator

Nikto Operator skin in Warzone and MW2
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Credit: Provided by Activision
The Season 4 roadmap showcases Nikto.

At the time of writing, we know that Nikto will be available in one of two ways. First and foremost, the Operator will be featured on the Season 4 battle pass as an unlock for purchasing it.

While we don't know exactly what sector of content Nikto will be featured on, it appears as though one of his skins will appear within the victory sector.

This means that you will likely need to advance through all sectors in the premium version of the battle pass in order to unlock Nikto. You have the choice of purchasing the standard premium version of the battle pass or the BlackCell version, which makes a return in Season 4. The BlackCell version will cost around £15 more but offers players battle pass tokens and exclusive cosmetics.

Speaking of the BlackCell version of the battle pass, a black and gold skin for Nikto will be available through that as well. So, if you decide to purchase the BlackCell version, you will immediately gain access to Nikto without having to go through every single sector.

Either way, anyone that purchases the Season 4 battle pass will be able to unlock Nikto at one point or another.

In addition to the battle pass, players can also choose to simply purchase a store bundle containing Nikto. It's unknown when a bundle with Nikto in it will appear in the store. We also don't know what kind of skin Nikto will be wearing in a store bundle, as Activision only released images of his battle pass skin.

Nikto Operator in Warzone and MW2
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Credit: Provided by Activision
Nikto is likely the tier 100 skin for the Season 4 Battle Pass.

Since Nikto is the headline Operator for Season 4, players can expect his eventual store bundle to cost at least £10, with the more likely price being £5-10 more. It's also unclear what kind of content could be included with Nikto's store bundle, so we'll have to wait and see what it contains whenever Activision decides to release it.

In the end, if players want to add Nikto to their growing list of Operators in Warzone and MW2, they will have to shell out money for at least the Season 4 battle pass. Or, players could go the other route and purchase the operator directly from the store whenever Nikto's bundle is released.

Warzone and MW2 Season 4 launches on June 14 for all systems.

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