Infamous Warzone 2 gas mask glitch is ruining ranked matches

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Screenshot of Warzone 2 player wearing gas mask and Warzone 2 player holding a sniper rifle while wearing a ghillie suit
Credit: Activision

Throughout the Verdansk and Caldera eras of Warzone, players often encountered numerous bugs and glitches allowing them to take advantage of gas masks in order to become the last one standing. In Warzone 2, a gas mask issue is causing chaos once again.

With eyes turning towards what Season 4 has in store, members of the community claim there are ‘many things’ wrong with the game while others are taking advantage of an overlooked assault rifle that’s slotted into the ever-changing meta.

The infamous gas mask glitch from the first Warzone has made its way to Al Mazrah, much to the annoyance of those dropping into the action.

Warzone 2 gas mask glitch is back

Spotted during a recent OPMarked livestream, Reddit user Nintendo_Pro_03 uploaded a clip confirming the return of the gas mask glitch.

During the final circle of a ranked match, the streamer and the rest of their squad were left unable to find the remaining opponent and despite their best efforts, the gas claimed another victim.

In a last-ditch effort to track down the player, the streamer also used a drone to find the location of the culprit. “The guy won and was in Zaya glass roof not anywhere near the safe,” comments one fan. “Definitely a gas mask glitch.”

The gas mask glitch enables players to outlast the effects of the gas circle that closes in over the course of a Warzone 2 match. Instead of the gas mask breaking, players are immune to any damage giving them an unfair advantage and the ability to win without firing a single bullet.

Infinity Ward and Raven Software have addressed the gas mask before and there’s a high possibility of the developers applying a fix quickly so it stops impacting ranked and casual modes sooner rather than later.

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