Warzone players are ditching the game for a rival battle royale

Warzone player holding gun and default Fortnite skin on green background
Credit: Activision

Warzone player holding gun and default Fortnite skin on green background
Credit: Activision

Throughout the Warzone cycle, players loading into Call of Duty's battle royale have encountered all kinds of game-breaking bugs and glitches capable of ruining their experience.

With attention turning towards what Season 5 Reloaded has in store for the game, one YouTuber has recently claimed a melee bug is ruining matches while the game's time to kill is continuing to frustrate players.

Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, some Warzone players have seemingly had enough of the issues. Instead of waiting for the developer to address the problems, a few FPS fans have suggested that they're moving to a rival battle royale in a bid to find a smoother gameplay experience.

Warzone players move to rival battle royale title

One of them, user cleverlymental, has taken to Reddit to share their experience after moving over to Fortnite, rather than continuing with Warzone.

In their post, they said: "I've burned out of Warzone 2, the game just makes me angry and grinding ranked is an almost impossible task. (I) jumped over to Fortnite Zero Build last week and I was shocked at how smoothly the game runs and how much fun it is."

Other Warzone players that have recently made the switch to Fortnite seem to agree. One declared: "I think (Fortnite is) the best BR (battle royale) on the market right now, since it's so approachable."

Although the Warzone players that have switched over to Fortnite seem to be enjoying Epic Games' take on a battle royale title, some that have decided to stick with Warzone think the honeymoon period won't last. One user in the thread argued: "Just wait, you're having fun now because you're in beginner lobbies. Then as you rank up, you'll get into lobbies with try hards that make even Warzone try hard look easy."

Hopefully, the mid-season update for Warzone can recapture the attention of those who may have decided to temporarily switch to Fortnite. With all battle royale titles adding innovations and improvements, we'll have to wait and see if Warzone can prevent players from deciding to get their battle royale fix elsewhere.

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