Warzone's time to kill continues to frustrate players in Season 5

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Warzone player aiming down sights of gun and Ghost standing on plane entry ramp
Credit: Activision

Ensuring some kind of balance is maintained during a Warzone match is a tricky task. With an extensive arsenal of weaponry for players to choose from, some will always stand out from the crowd at any given moment, thanks to superior performance or a fast time to kill ratio.

As Season 5 continues to progress, players have noticed some airborne motorbikes flying across the game's skies, while others are hoping for a potential launcher nerf in a bid to restore a level playing field.

Despite a bunch of recent buffs and nerfs, the time to kill remains a hot topic of conversation. Players continue to grow tired of inconsistencies that some think are resulting in mismatched gunfights.

Warzone Season 5's time to kill is frustrating players

To raise awareness of the apparent issue, user Glaive001 has taken to Reddit with a recent clip of a battle that they believe should've gone in their favour. After firing an entire magazine into the target, their opponent is able to eliminate them in the blink of an eye.

Glaive001 isn't the only person to notice an inconsistent time to kill. One player in the thread said: "This season, the TTK (time to kill) feels super inconsistent for me too. Lots of times, I'll get the shot off first and still die."

Another player believes they've found the reason why the time to kill remains a problem in Season 5. They claim: "(The game's) servers are beyond broken. Bullets don't even register half the time."

In recent seasons, Warzone's server performance has remained an issue, despite Raven Software applying various fixes. Problematic packet loss led to some players calling for a full server reset as a last-ditch attempt to address frustrations.

Raven Software often acknowledges player feedback and there's a chance the developer plans to address these apparent time to kill issues in a future update. For now, using the best guns and weapons is guaranteed to deal with the opposition as fast as possible.

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