Best Warzone 2 guns and weapons

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Image showing Ghost carrying Warzone 2 assault rifle
Credit: Activision
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March 22, 2023: What are the best Warzone 2 guns to use? Scroll down for all the intel you need to know!

The Warzone 2 cycle is in full swing and millions of players continue dropping into the action. With plenty of weapons to master, determining which are the very best guns to use is a tricky task.


As expected, the entire arsenal from Infinity Ward's latest annual release is available to use in Warzone 2, giving players plenty of choices when it comes to discovering the best Warzone 2 guns.

In this guide, find a full list of the best Warzone 2 guns to use along with a full tier list breaking down the entire arsenal.

What are the best Warzone 2 guns?

Although players are still getting to grips with the recent dose of buffs and nerfs, these weapons are continuing to prove popular in Al Mazrah:

There's no sign of the Fennec and RPK after they received hefty nerfs in Season Two. Now, there's plenty of variety to choose from before you drop into Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.


As Season Two progresses, we'll continue to adjust our list so you know which guns will dominate in close-quarters, mid-range, and long-distance duels.

Warzone 2 gun tier list

S Tier Sakin MG38 M4 Lachmann Sub M13B TAQ-56 Vaznev 9K PDSW 528 Victus XMR
A TierEBR-14 Lachmann 556 ISO Hemlock KV Broadside STB 556 MCPR-300 FTAC Recon Kastov 74u VEL 46 FSS Hurricane Lockwood 300 Bryson 890 Fennec 45 RPK HCR 56 SP-R 208 SP-X 80
B TierKastov 545 MX9 Minibak Bryson 800 556 Icarus LA-B 330
C TierSO-14 Minibak Expedite 12 RAPP H Lockwood MK2 SA-B 50 Signal 50
Z TierLachmann 762 RAAL MG LM-S TAQ-M

This particular Warzone 2 gun tier list is based on their in-game performance in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. While the games are different, the engine remains the same meaning there shouldn't be much difference in weapon performance.

With Season One underway, there's an extensive list of weaponry topping the table. The most notable new arrival is the RPK LMG which comes with a lethal damage output and endless customisation options.

Warzone 2 guns list

The Warzone 2 gun list is exactly the same as the Modern Warfare 2 gun list. There's an extensive choice of assault rifles, snipers, SMGs and more to choose from.


Here's just a few to keep a lookout for:

Image showing M4 in Warzone 2 gunsmith
Credit: Activision


A Call of Duty staple returns in Warzone 2. Armed with a high rate of fire and impressive mobility, the M4 has all the key ingredients to become the best Warzone 2 guns to use in a loadout.

When the battle royale launches, using this particular rifle is a great place to start once the meta falls into place.

Image showing Lachmann Sub in Warzone 2 gunsmith
Credit: Screengrab via Activision

Lachmann Sub

For those wanting some close-quarters firepower, the Lachmann Sub is the early frontrunner. Heavily resembling the MP5, the SMG comes with a lethal rate of fire and mobility that's very hard to beat when up close and personal with an opponent.


Thanks to the gunsmith, there are limitless ways to customise the Lachmann Sub to suit any style of play, making it the best Warzone 2 SMG.

Image showing Signal 50 in Warzone 2 gunsmith
Credit: Activision

Signal 50

So far, the Signal 50 is the only sniper rifle confirmed to appear in the Warzone 2 arsenal. Despite its semi-automatic firing mechanism, it packs a deadly one-shot punch and thanks to its fast fire rate, players can follow up with a second shot if the first doesn't hit the target.

Kastov 74u

Although it resembles the AK-74u submachine gun, the Kastov 74u slots into the assault rifle category in Warzone 2. Armed with 7.62 rounds, this compact rifle comes with incredible damage output and mobility that competes with some SMGs. Expect it to feature towards the very top of the meta.

Image showing Ghost holding FTAC Recon
Credit: Activision

FTAC Recon

The FTAC Recon is the first battle rifle to appear on our guns list. It has higher damage than other ARs but with lower mobility. At mid-range engagements, the rifle is capable of dominating if high accuracy is maintained but with a slow sprint-to-fire time, it's easy for a fast-moving opponent to send you to the gulag.

Image showing FSS Hurricane in Warzone 2 gunsmith
Credit: Activision

FSS Hurricane

Although it looks like an AR, the FSS Hurricane slots into the SMG category and is one of the most versatile weapons in the Warzone 2 arsenal. With a 50-round magazine as standard, it's easy to modify the FSS Hurricane to suit any style of play.

We recommend increases in damage output while maintaining its non-existent recoil.

Image showing Lachmann 556 in Warzone 2 gunsmith
Credit: Screengrab via Activision

Lachmann 556

Despite its slower rate of fire than the M4, the Lachmann 556 is another strong assault rifle thanks to its longer damage range. The slower rate of fire does mean there's less visual recoil than other ARs which comes in handy when keeping track of the target. It's not the best rifle but it's certainly not the worst.

Image showing 556 Icarus on black background
Credit: Screengrab via Activisipn

556 Icarus

The first LMG to appear on the guns list is the 556 Icarus. Like most LMGs, it comes with a huge magazine alongside a high damage output. However, the high damage output results in plenty of recoil that's difficult to control.

A strong attachment can rectify some of the flaws but it's unlikely to make the 556 Icarus a popular choice.

Image showing M16 in Warzone 2 gunsmith
Credit: Activision


Another Call of Duty staple appearing in Warzone 2 is the M16. Armed with a three-round burst, the rifle is nowhere near the top of the assault rifle pile due to its unpredictable recoil pattern.

With stronger options available, it's hard to see why you'd pick the M16 as part of a loadout in the battle royale.

Image showing Fennec 45 in Warzone 2 gunsmith
Credit: Screengrab via Activision

Fennec 45

Known for its blisteringly fast rate of fire, the Fennec 45 excels in extremely close-quarters combat. Other than that, the huge damage drop-off gives it no chance of making an impact at longer distances.

It'll make a strong secondary weapon so make sure Overkill is equipped alongside an assault rifle.

Image showing Lachmann 762 in Warzone 2 gunsmith
Credit: Activision

Lachmann 762

The Lachmann 762 packs a lethal punch thanks to its damage output but its lack of mobility and slow aim-down sight means there are better alternatives to use in a loadout.

Attachments can improve its performance but it's more effective to use a fast-firing assault rifle.


Compared to other LMGs, the RAPP H has a slower rate of fire that's easy to control in mid-range engagements. Although it's a powerful alternative to other weapons in the arsenal, the RAPP H will fall by the wayside as more popular ARs dominate the meta.

Image showing Expedite 12 shotgun in Warzone 2
Credit: Activision

Expedite 12

Just like the Fennec 45, the Expedite 12 shotgun is a one-trick pony. It dominates close-quarters combat but when attempting to make an impact at longer ranges, it's impossible to do so.


If you are looking to use the Expedite 12, use it as a secondary weapon alongside a primary weapon that's capable of dealing damage at longer ranges.

Image showing Lockwood MK2 in Warzone 2 gunsmith
Credit: Activision

Lockwood MK2

The first of two marksman rifles on the list is the Lockwood MK2. It features impressive mobility and the ability to eliminate an opponent with a single bullet but its inconsistent damage output means the chances of scoring a hitmarker are high.

For a more consistent option, take a look at the Signal 50 sniper.


Next on the list is the LM-S marksman rifle. Its damage output is slightly better than the Lockwood MK2 but the inferior mobility means you're often vulnerable to players using better weaponry.


A strong attachment combination can improve performance but it makes more sense to opt for an assault rifle or the Lockwood MK2.

Image showing Sakin MG38 in Warzone 2 gunsmith
Credit: Activision

Sakin MG38

Last on our list is the Sakin MG38. Although it comes with plenty of power, recoil and mobility cause huge problems over the course of a match. Unless Infinity Ward decides to issue a wealth of buffs, there's a chance it becomes a viable option but if not, it's worth avoiding this particular LMG.

Warzone 2 release date

Warzone 2 will launch on November 16, 2022 shortly after the launch of Modern Warfare 2. The release date also coincides with the start of season one, meaning there's an all-new battle pass available as soon as the servers are switched on.

That's all there is to know about the best Warzone 2 guns so far. In the meantime, check out our Warzone 2 page for the latest news, leaks, and guides on the new era for Call of Duty's battle royale.