Warzone fans call on Activision to reset servers in order to fix issues

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Screenshot of blue server room and Warzone player aiming down sights of gun
Credit: Activision / Pexels

Following the launch of Season 4 Reloaded, Warzone fans dropping into the action have unfortunately encountered a wealth of bugs and glitches which can negatively impact their experiences.

So far in the season, a gas glitch has been ruining gulag fights, while issue-free matches are being dominated by a new close-range meta following a fresh batch of ranked restrictions that you can find in the July 19 patch notes.

In addition to the bugs, sub-standard server performance has been causing sudden frame drops and stuttering, much to the annoyance of community members. In a bid to fix the issue once and for all, one fan is now calling for a full reset of the game's servers.

Warzone full server reset request

The frustrated player in question, user JRest71, has taken to Reddit to share their displeasure regarding constant packet loss and variations in server ping over the course of a match.

In a post, they argued: "This is atrocious and unacceptable. Shut down the servers for whatever needs to be done." Other community members seem to agree and believe that Activision needs to intervene to address the problem, with one saying: "It's insane. (The developers) need to do something ASAP."

Thankfully, Raven Software is already attempting to fix the stuttering servers. On July 15, 2023, the developer announced it applied an update to fix PC performance issues, but it appears it's not had the desired effect.

The exact cause of the poor Warzone server performance remains a mystery. Some players believe the collaboration with Amazon Prime's The Boys could be responsible, with one claiming: "Super powers on Al Mazrah have (ruined) everything again. It blows my mind how incompetent these devs are."

When will Warzone servers get fixed?

It's unclear when the Warzone servers will return to normal, but there's a high chance of Raven Software will continue to apply regular updates to improve the game's performance before the beginning of Season 5, which is expected to take place in August.


Until a fix arrives, be prepared to encounter sudden frame drops and stutters when landing in Al Mazrah and Vondel.

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