Warzone players uncover new close-range meta for Season 4 Reloaded

Screenshot of Warzone player firing akimbo pistols and Warzone player inspecting pistol
Credit: Activision

Screenshot of Warzone player firing akimbo pistols and Warzone player inspecting pistol
Credit: Activision

In order to gain the upper hand over the opposition, Warzone players always have to be on the hunt for the best guns and weapons to use in Call of Duty’s battle royale at any given time.

With Season 4 Reloaded now in full swing and fans continuing to decipher how the latest weapon buffs and nerfs have affected thingshings, the game's meta continues to change on a regular ..

The latest weapon that’s caught the attention of fans is currently dominating close-quarters combat, much to the annoyance of those on the receiving end of its immense firepower.

The new Warzone Season 4 Reloaded meta

One of the players in question, user mbeenox, recently took to Reddit to share a clip from a recent Vondel match of the X13 Auto excelling in up close and personal encounters with opponents.

Despite its classification as a handgun, the X13 Auto’s fully automatic firing mechanism and lack of recoil is proving popular. In addition to the X13 Auto, other handguns are also making an impact in the lastest version of the game. One player replied to the post: “All (of) the pistols right now are nuts. I went through and tried them all and they’re doing disgusting damage.”

While many are gravitating towards the X13 Auto specifically, another community member in the thread revealed another pistol that they've found to be just as deadly right now, in the form of the Basilisk Snakeshot Akimbo.

Considering the game's handguns have flown under the radar for the past four and a half seasons, it’s surprising to see their sudden resurgence in Season 4 Reloaded. With several pistols outperforming some submachine guns in close-quarters and mid-range scenarios, there’s a high chance of Raven Software applying another dose of weapon nerfs to the game soon, in a bid to restore some kind of balance on the battlefield.

In the meantime, make the most of these overpowered pistols for a better chance of scoring kills and earning a ride on the victory helicopter.

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