Warzone gas glitch ruins gulag fights

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Screnshot of Warzone Vondel Gulag and Warzone player wearing a gas mask while surrounded with green gas
Credit: Activision

Throughout Warzone's lifespan, players dropping into Call of Duty's battle royale have unfortunately encountered all kinds of game-breaking bugs and glitches that can ruin a playing session.

Following the launch of Season 4 Reloaded, fans have recently uncovered a new close-range meta that's dominating the action. That said, the overpowered pistols in question are so good, some ranked players believe they're negatively impacting the game's competitive playlist.

The latest glitch to rear its head involves the Vondel map's Gulag. Instead of allowing players a second chance to score a win, the glitch causes those attempting to come out on top in their one-versus-one battle to be eliminated by the gas that surrounds the edge of the map.

Warzone gulag gas glitch is breaking the game

To raise awareness of the issue, user Mec213 has taken to Reddit to share a short video that shows the abandoned wine cellar filling with the toxic green mist prior to battle commencing.

Before the countdown clock hits zero, the player's armour breaks, giving their opponent a huge advantage that ultimately hands them the victory. As expected, there are plenty of fans in the thread unhappy about the idea of this happening to them. One said: "That's actually crazy. This game is so busted," while another added: "The glitches in this game are so annoying and weird."

Gas appearing in the Gulag isn't the only issue currently impacting Warzone matches. Footstep audio remains a hot topic of conversation, with some fans claiming audio from the movements of other players doesn't exist.

The exact cause of the Gulag issue is unclear, but it's strange to see the gas damage only affect one of the two players involved in the encounter. Hopefully, the glitch is an isolated incident and Raven Software can apply a fix before it affects more visitors to the Gulag.

In the meantime, the most obvious method to evade this particular glitch is to stay alive and rely on your squadmates to pay the redeployment fee.

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