Warzone ranked players claim overpowered pistols are ruining the game

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Screenshot of Warzone player inspecting pistol and Warzone player wearing hood carrying SMG while moving upstairs
Credit: Activision

Thanks to regular buffs and nerfs from Raven Software, the performance of guns that make up the Warzone arsenal is constantly changing. Call of Duty's battle royale currently contains a wealth of weaponry capable of making an impact throughout Season 4 Reloaded.

Following the mid-season update, players dropping into the action have recently uncovered a new close-range meta that's dominating casual and competitive matches. That said, some fans haven't been happy with the arrival of a "broken" shotgun that's also excelling in up close and personal encounters with the opposition.

Usually, a change of meta is positive but in this case, ranked players believe some of the overpowered pistols currently powering people to victories have reach a point where they're ruining matches.

Are Warzone pistols ruining ranked?

After dropping into some ranked matches, user D3LTTA has taken to Reddit claiming that the Basilisk revolver equipped with snakeshot ammunition is negatively impacting match quality.

The fan claimed in their post: "Ranked is a joke with these snakeshot Basilisks. The close-range TTK (time to kill) (in matches featuring them) and the X13 Auto has made me get flashbacks (to) Season 1."

Other community members seem to agree, with one adding: "The X13 Auto outpaced my ISO 45 at 20 metres. That shouldn't be a thing."

With the final stages of the World Series of Warzone qualifiers underway, competitive tournament organisers have restricted the Basilisk and X13 Auto pistols in order to balance the playing field for competitors attempting to book their place at the Global Finals.

Will Warzone pistols get nerfed?

It's unclear if the Basilisk and the X13 Auto will receive a nerf anytime soon. Typically, weapon balancing takes place at the start or the halfway point of a season and with Season 5 expected to arrive in August, it might be a while before the dominance of the pistols is halted once and for all.


Until then, make the most of their immense power to score plenty of kills on the way to victory.

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