Warzone fans blast "broken" Season 4 Reloaded shotgun

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Screenshot of Warzone player holding MX Guardian shotgun and Captain Price pointing rifle to the ground
Credit: Activision

The arsenal of weapons on offer in Warzone is constantly expanding thanks to regular updates from Raven Software. The latest of these, Season 4 Reloaded, has brought another dose of buffs and nerfs to Call of Duty’s battle royale, which have already shaken up the meta.

In addition to this weapon balancing, the MX Guardian shotgun has made its debut, alongside the arrival of Diabolical Camo Challenges for players to complete.

The shotgun has certainly caught the attention of fans dropping into the action. In fact, it's performing so well in matches that some players believe the weapon is "broken" and already needs nerfing.

Is the Warzone MX Guardian broken?

To demonstrate just how overpowered this particular shotgun is, user Lordtone215 has taken to Reddit and shared a clip from a recent Vondel match.

After shredding through an opponent in the clip, the fan said: “This game is (expletive) broken. This isn’t even fun.”

A number of other community members seem to agree, with one arguing: “It feels broken because it is! Players asked (Raven Software) to dial back the shotguns and they just (cranked things up) to 11.”

Throughout the current Warzone cycle, the game's developers have struggled to balance shotguns. On one hand, close-range firepower is the main selling point of these guns, but on the other, the lack of available counters to them gives players little option when facing a barrage of bullets.

Although Season 4 Reloaded is still in its infancy, the MX Guardian is already dominating matches, as more and more people slot it into their loadouts. With most community members already frustrated by its impressive in-game performance, there’s a strong possibility of the developers applying some kind of nerf to the weapon to bring it in line with the rest of the game's shotguns.

For now, it appears the MX Guardian is the best weapon in the entirety of Warzone. You can make the most of that by checking out our guide showcasing the best MX Guardian loadout, along with the strongest combination of attachments for it.

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